Tips To Sleep Better During Pregnancy

Has the countdown started and you cannot wait to see your little one? Pregnancy is the most beautiful and yet anxious phase in the life of a woman. Mood swings, stress, anxiety etc. are very common during pregnancy. It is all about getting used to these feelings and moving on.

Many women also complaint that they are not able to sleep properly during pregnancy. Again this is as a result of hormonal imbalances and anxiety. Well it is best to sleep how much ever you want to now as your baby will keep you up most of the time. Certain measures and tips to sleep better during pregnancy will surely help you get a good night’s sleep.

Pregnancy might mark the beginning of a number of digestive issues like diarrhea, constipation etc. In order to avoid these you will have to fight your cravings for foods rich in spices, fats ad sugars. It is best to have foods rich in fibers that are healthy as well as easily digestible.

It is best to have small meals more frequently instead of having 2-3 large meals. Choose to snack on nuts, crackers, fruits and vegetable salads etc. instead of a pack of chips. Caffeine can trigger sleep disorders and hence minimize your intake of tea and coffee in excess. Having few cups of green tea will soothe your mind and body and also helps you sleep better.

Instead of spending lazy days and nights, choose to go out for walks. Physical activities will tire your body and will make you sleep timely. However make sure that you do not over strain yourself.  Indulging in yoga and mediations also helps relax your body and hence helps you sleep better.

Wear comfortable and loose clothing before going to sleep. It is best to sleep on your left side for you and the baby. Your can also sleep on your right if you wish to change your position. Never sleep on your belly or your back. Keep pillows under and between the legs for better comfort. Listen to your favorite music as that will relax you and help you sleep fast. Follow these tips for a good sound sleep during pregnancy.

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