Tips To Make Your Vacation In Thailand Truly Memorable

Nestled between crowds of islands in Southeast Asia, Thailand is one of the few countries in the world where the ancient exists in perfect harmony with the modern. Thailand mainly caters to tourists from different parts of the world and fills the lives of everyone who visits there with pleasant memories.

It is renowned throughout the world for its stunning natural beauty, beautiful beaches and world-class temples. Thailand offers something for everyone; sturdy mountain ranges such as Mae Hong Son for the valiant trekkers, and pristine beaches of Samui and Phuket for the languid sun-soakers. Not only this, a large number of bright shopping malls also exist here, making it ideal for avid shoppers as well.

The Famous Cities

You can kick off your Thailand vacation from the capital city of Bangkok. Bangkok is highly populated and an extremely noisy city filled with numerous temples, Kanchanaburi raft houses and plenty of guest houses. After Bangkok, it would be a good idea to travel north and visit Chiang Mai, which is a more laid back city. Here you can enjoy nature walks and trekking or nearby hills.

Vacation In Thailand

Next, you can explore the stunning white sand beaches, kaleidoscopic reefs and aquamarine seas in the southern and eastern parts of Thailand. Some of the most popular amongst these are the backpacker resorts of Ko Changa and Ko Samet and the Gulf coast islands including Ko Tao, Ko Pha Ngan, Ko Samui and Laem phra nang.

Pattaya, which was a simple fishing village in the past, has now developed into one of the most sophisticated beach resorts. It offers a vivacious scene of restaurants, bars, shops and loads of entertainment, along with great hotels providing enough comfort and all facilities to the tourists. Not only this, Pattaya also offers every possible opportunity one can think of for entertainment and recreation.

What To Do on Your Thailand Vacation?

Experience Old World Healing

Thailand is known throughout the world for its relaxing and healing massages. These massages can not just relax your soul, but also relieve you from various ailments. You can easily find numerous wellness and massage centers all around Thailand. In fact, most of the hotels also have their own wellness services for their guests.

Cruise on ‘River of Kings’

Take an outstanding river cruise on the ‘river of kings’ to get incredible education on history and traditions of the country.

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This river is also known as the source of life and witnessing the culture and life around the riverside can be extremely enthralling.

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Shop at the Floating Markets

Shopping at the floating markets in Thailand is a one-of-a-kind experience where vendors sell their wares on Thai canoes and you need to ride on long-tail river boats to shop for them.

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In these markets, you can find everything from vegetables, fruits, meats and sweets.

Tour Bangkok’s Wats

When visiting Thailand, getting a feel of Thai lifestyle is also important. To do this, visit the Bagkok’s Wats, which are the famous Buddhist temples present in the region.

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These places will surely leave you entranced by the artful creation and the outstanding architecture of these temples. A visit to Thailand cannot be considered complete without visiting the Emerald Buddha.

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