Tips To Make A Man Want You

Tips To Make A Man Want YouAlmost all of us face such a situation in our lives when we date a guy whom they are crazy about but receive only a lukewarm response from the other side.

Most of the women find themselves in this kind of situation at some point of time in their lives. When we talk about the ways to make a man want you badly, the solution may be quite surprising for many.

Most women think that the most important thing when it comes to making a man want you is your appearance or the way you look. It is true that men notice how you look, but it is not the way most women think. A woman does not have to be extremely thin, or style their hair in the most amazing ways to attract the attention of a man.

However, one needs to take care of herself well. Irrespective of the size you are, dress up well. Take time to apply little makeup, and make sure to wear a smile all the time. Giving your man the impression that you value yourself enough to take good care of yourself will make him treat you in the similar manner.

Most men do not want to be around women who tend to fall in love very quickly or easily. A large number of women make the huge mistake of letting the man know that she loves him much before he was prepared to hear it.

If you haven’t been dating the man for a long time, and he hasn’t indicated that he feels the same for you, it is better to keep the information to yourself. Most men want women for whom they have to work hard. They love chasing a woman so that he can catch her themselves. Making it easy for him means that he would lose interest quickly as well.

Here are a few more tips that will ensure that the man you want will want you back even more:

Be Independent

All women should be emotionally independent; you should never put pressure on any man to please you. Let him know that you are completely contented with your life and your happiness does not depend on him being in your life.

Let him know your value

Let the guy know if other men are trying to speak to you, or hitting on you, in a simple way. Even if someone doesn’t, make up a story and let him know that it happened. Letting him know that you are wanted by others will boost your value in front of him.

Don’t spend too much time with him

Let the guy know that there are other things that you have to do with your life and your life doesn’t revolve around him. If you are aware about how the male ego works, then you can be rest assured that this trip would work for you. Even if he imagines that you’re spending time with some other man, his ego will make him want to prove that he is better than the other man.

Lose interest

Undoubtedly, this is the best secret to make a man want you badly. Somehow try to make him believe that you are losing interest in the relationship, and he would do anything to regain your interest, just because of his ego.

The male ego makes men work in strange and funny ways. Therefore, to accomplish what you want, you need to bring the man out of his comfort zone.

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