Tips To Become Fluent In English

With the height of globalisation thronging the world, we can no longer ignore the importance of English as a world language. As career moves are becoming more and more competent, being able to just write and read English is not enough to survive in this fast world.

For the ones who are still struggling to attain fluency, here are a few tips to sail you through successfully and gain fluency with elan…

Make friends who can speak English fluently. A better idea would be to make friends who can speak only in English. This would ensure that you speak to him/her only in English and no other language. Remember to spend as much as you can with these friends in order to gain maximum benefit from this exercise. To become fluent in any language, you must ensure that you speak in that language frequently in order to train your vocal chords and tongue to pronounce the new words and intonations correctly.

Watch as many films as possible. Films are a great way to ensure that your visual and listening skills are well stimulated. By watching films, you can enhance your vocabulary, learn new phrases, improve your speech rhythms and diction, and also learn to express yourself through the right body language by watching people.

Reading is a good way to improve your vocabulary and writing skills. Reading makes you more confident and gives you enough topics to talk about over a cup of coffee. You can read whatever catches your fancy, be it books, periodicals, magazines, newspapers or classics. The best way to encourage your reading skills is to join good libraries where you can loan as many books and magazines as possible. Good reading habits will make you worldly wise and help you talk effectively.

Clubs and language exchange groups are good places where you can register to talk endlessly. Most of these groups are informal and have many events like cultural programmes, talk shows and many other interesting activities like film nights, excursions etc. to keep everyone interested. Clubs are also great places where you can make good friends and acquaintances who can help you develop your language skills effectively.

Taking up a part time job or helping voluntary organisations will give you tremendous opportunities to interact with the English speaking crowd. Being employed can not only improve your fluency in spoken English, but can also develop your writing skills. You must also make sure that you use English as a medium of communication whenever possible. To gain fluency in any language, it is essential to speak in that language.

Last but not the least, as important as spoken English is the pronunciation and speech intonation. To understand the tonal variations of English language and the facial expressions and body language that can enhance its effectiveness, you must watch as many people as possible who speak good English. Imbibing the good qualities of their speech and expressions into your speech will help you develop your overall hold of English language.

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