Tips To Avoid Sciatic Back Pain During Pregnancy

Tips To Avoid Sciatic Back Pain During PregnancyThe growing fetus in your womb causes the walls of your abdomen to expand. The increased weight that you are carrying around in front may cause you to feel a little unbalanced and to deal with that, you automatically transfer that weight to the lower back. This posture is the cause of sciatic back pain during pregnancy.

When the center of gravity changes and the muscles in your body are more relaxed, your back has to bear the brunt of it. Now that you have a large belly, you cannot possibly do things the way you used to the rest of your pregnancy. The following tips are meant to help prevent straining your back during the course of your pregnancy.

Care While Picking Things Up

Do not bend forward or stoop to pick things up from the ground. This position strains the muscles in your back, particularly if you are picking up heavy objects. Squat on your legs, pick up what you want and raise yourself with your torso in an upright position.

Avoid carrying any kind of heavy objects. Since your stomach and pelvic muscles are more relaxed, you would end up straining them when attempting to lift anything heavy.

Hot Water Therapy For Sciatic Back Pain

Have a hot shower everyday. It is one of the best ways to ease the tension in your body and works wonders for the back as well. Turn around so that the water from your showerhead directly hits your back. Stand in this position for some time and allow your back to get the benefit of the hot water treatment. Alternatively, you can use a hot water bottle to ease minor episodes of back pain.

Comfort For The Feet

Avoid wearing heeled shoes and stop wearing high heeled shoes altogether till you deliver your child. Now that the center of gravity has shifted forward, your balance is not the same as normal and the last thing you need is to totter unsurely in high heels. Wear comfortable shoes that support the arch and take the added weight you are carrying around.

Don’t stand for long periods of time if you can help it. Standing upright with a bulging belly is uncomfortable. Not only does it tire you out quickly, you will find yourself unconsciously shifting your weight from the torso to your back to ease the discomfort of standing for a long time.

Proper Posture

Maintain good posture as far as you can. As your pregnancy progresses into the sixth month, you probably have a tendency of walking around with your hands on your back, with your belly protruding out in front of you. This may feel temporarily comfortable but is actually bad for your back. Stand straight with your shoulders leveled. Do not slouch and drop the weight of the upper body on to your stomach and back.

Consider using a body pillow at bedtime since it is designed to support the body when relaxed. Go for 20-minute walk everyday to keep your body fit and your muscles and bones strong. You can also do simple workouts using a medicine ball but check with your gynecologist first. Chiropractic care (with the help of a chiropractor) is also a good way to keep back problems at bay.

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