3 Tips For Love With Shower Sex For Couples

Tips For Love With Shower Sex For Couples

Couples would be feeling bored with having sex at same place and in same atmosphere and shower sex offers the best possible variety to couples. You can surprise your wife by leading to bathroom for shower sex or jump straight into bathroom while she is showering.  This article focuses on spicy shower sex tip that couples should try. Variety brings spiciness to your relationship and shower sex is the best way to initiate it.

Primary Tips For Love With Shower Sex For Couples

Tips For Love With Shower Sex

Couples who are planning for shower sex after watching some steamy movie encounters should be watchful of the following tips . There are some precautions , that couples should take before trying shower sex and the main thing that they need to notice is their foot. They should not feel too much slippery to try shower sex. Lubrication can be also a problem for some couples and they can try some lubricating gels. You can even give protection to feet by throwing a towel at bottom.

The soaps and lather that you use in shower sex should not be dangerous to cause infections to genital areas. Make sure that your bathroom is loaded with fluffy towels for necessary precautions like placing it on floor and so on. You can use dual shower head in bathroom for shower sex to make sure that both partners are aroused with warm water. Do not soap on your [email protected] to penetrate her as that can infect her and you can use water based lube on condom if you are using one. Roll on condom before starting shower sex.

Tips For Love With Shower Sex For Couples In Dry Bathroom

Shower Sex For Couples In Dry Bathroom

You can start the shower sex session before entering the bathroom with good foreplay and you can even try undressing her with sweet romantic kisses. You can even start the shower sex without turning on shower and you should make sure that the bathroom is dry and your wife is fully lubricated. You can place a cushion on bathroom floor and make her sit on it. Sit near her and make her wrap legs around your waist and you should thrust deeper into her.

You should make your wife kneel down on dry bathroom by placing her legs together. The male should be kneeling down in bathroom and should be spooning her outside her knees. Make sure that you insert your [email protected] inside her vagina in such a way that she is getting close touch of you. This position is meant for couples looking for intimate love making positions and this would also benefit couples having height differences.

Tips For Love With Shower Sex For Couples In Wet Bathroom

Shower Sex For Couples In Wet Bathroom

You can start adding variety to your shower sex session by kissing her wildly on her neck area as that would turn her faster. You can turn the bathroom door open and turn off the light inside the bathroom. Then you can light candles inside the bathroom and then turn the bathroom shower. You should find the perfect temperature for bathroom shower. You should wash her inner thighs, belly and chest and start cleaning her. You should make her repeat act on you. You should be holding her tight as she would be slippery and wet.

Then you should be applying lather over her body. You should be using soaps to rub your hands over her erogenous zones and you can try oral sex on her after she has cleaned herself fully. You should be rubbing soaps at her back side by giving sweet kisses in between. Both of you should be cleaned well before trying variety shower sex positions.

The best shower sex position that should be tried inside the bathroom is the doggie position. You should bend her and make her to cling on towel rack. You can also make her cling to the rim of tub and make her stand in a position so that knees are bending to absorb balance. You should be giving her a sensual massage to her by holding onto her hips. You should be rubbing her breast and stomach to give her a ticklish sensual feeling. You can turn shower before starting the penetration and make sure that water falls mainly on her backside. You should be applying natural lubricants on her before penetrating her. You should be looking at her comfort level before trying deep thrusting on her.

After penetrating on doggie style you should be placing her back against the wall in such a way that you both are facing each other. You should be keeping her knee in your elbow and you can shower her with warm kisses all over body. If you have the mental strength you can urge her to wrap her legs around your waist while you hold her tight and you can penetrate her. This position is dangerous because of the slippery factor and it is recommended that you stop with kisses.

You can start pleasing her orally as she is cleaned fully and urge her to repast act on you. You should make sure that you bend in the correct posture to give her a nice lick on vaginal area and you should also make sure that you do not fall down. You should not be bending your knees and placing it on bathroom floor as that can cause pain. You can make her sit at the edge of covered toilet and give her a sensual oral teasing on her vagina and you can even urge her to tease you.

If you have access to bathroom tub then you can lie down on bathroom tub and make her clean your testes with water. Then you should lift your leg and make her enter you and cradle you. You should make sure that you are not in a position to be drowned in the heat of moment and make sure that bathroom tub is not fully filled with water. You should rub each other in a sensual manner with towel and get out of bathroom by turning off the candle and go straight to bedroom to have a splashy sex.

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