Third Generation Kindle Best Selling Product Ever on the world’s largest online retailer revealed that the Kindle e-book reader which is an Amazon product had become the best selling item on the online retail website till date. The online retail major shied away from disclosing the actual sales figures for the latest version of the e-reader.

Instead put out a relative comparison to show the huge market that the e-reader had found by stating that the gadget had sold millions of pieces and had easily shot past “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows” which was till now’s best selling product of all time.

Amazon also said that the Kindle was easily able to hold its own even when faced with the burgeoning market for tablet PCs as sales statistics showed that people were buying both tablet PCs and the Kindle simultaneously. This was because users who bought both tablet PCs and the Kindle e-reader used the Kindle purely for catching up on their reading and utilized their tablet PCs for activities like web browsing, gaming, watching movies etc.

Kindle has become a hot favorite in the e-reader market due to its convenience and many innovative features which endear it to the customer. The light weight of the Kindle e-reader is easy to carry around and weighs less than a tablet PC or a heavy book.Users of the Kindle e-reader can rest assure that the battery needs to be charged only once in a month which makes it an ideal companion to be carried on long journeys without having to bother whether you have packed the charger or, not as is the case with laptops and tablet PCs.

The Kindle with its advanced technology that reduces eye strain by giving the display just the right amount of glow and the complete feel and look of regular paper called the Pearl e-ink display, has attracted many users towards the device. Also, the display is intelligent and adapts to brightly lit outdoor conditions and works perfectly there, to provide an uninterrupted reading experience that is also comfortable. The attractive pricing of only $139 is also a reason which makes the Kindle e-reader a best seller of all time.

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