Things To Do In Spain

The idea of travelling to Spain itself is a grand feeling. The country has so much to offer and is so different from the rest of Europe that one trip to Spain does not seem enough. The culture of this place is unique and welcoming. The locals are very amicable and passionate people.

You would love to delve into the country’s culture freak crowd and the magnificent architecture that will please your eyes. Popular Flamenco music and dance abounds in this country which is exceptional in its form and not forgetting the daring ventures of the locals, for instance bull fighting is something one should partake. Read along to find out more about Spain.

Best Things To Do In Spain


Barcelona is the second largest city in the country that offers great food and great sights. Go around the city sightseeing and catch yourself looking upto the architecture of this place with reverence and awe. Church of the Sacred Family (Sagrada Familia) are the most popular places to go to in Barcelona.


Not forgetting Antoni Gaudi’s unbeatable talent at the Guell Park. Finally, visit Palace of Catalan Music, which is a concert hall. Treat your ears to beautiful symphonies along with the delightful design of the Palace.

Calat Alhambra

The staggering fortress of the then kingdom of Granada was built by a Berber Emir. This complex is a former Nasrid fortification that shielded the empire and its citizens from the Christian conquest.

calat alhambra

However, after the Reconquista by the Catholics, some portions of Alhambra were used by the Catholic Monarchs.


Witnessing a bullfight is one of the essential things to do in Spain. You can catch a bullfight show almost anywhere in the country. However, cities like Ronda, Madrid and Seville are very famous for this sport. Tellingly, Ronda is the city this sport, more accurately ritual, originates from.


If your middle name is adventure then partake in the bull running event that is held in many parts of the country during the festival of San Fermin.


This type of folk music and dance traditionally rules in this part of the world. Catch a Flamenco show in Seville, Granada or Madrid, as they have some great Flamenco bars where authentic shows are held. Get engaged in ‘palmas’, which is basically clapping to this folk music played by the guitarist and cheering away the dancer.


Check out the history of Spain by visiting few of the worlds most intriguing museums here in the country. The capital city houses a fascinating museum called the Golden Triangle of Art. One of the praiseworthy members of Golden Triangle is Museo Thyssen-Bornemisza.

museums spain

One amazing feature about this is that Museo Del Prado or Centro de Arte Reina Sofía helps you understand the artistic work of different artists. Another wonderful museum worth visiting is called Guggenheim Museum of Bilbao.

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Santiago De Compostella

Considered as a World Heritage site, Santiago de Compostella is a pilgrimage whose foundation was laid down by the shrine of Saint James the Great, which now is a famous cathedral in the heart of the city. This city is not just culturally sound but academically it is innovative and active.

Santiago De Compostella

People from all over the world flock the city to invoke the old town’s memoirs and satisfy their souls. Peter Eisenman’s City of Culture of Galicia is also a great complex to visit in Santiago de Compostella.

Islands and Mountains

Balearic Islands is an archipelago off the east coast of  Spain on the Mediterranean Sea. The four main islands Ibiza, Majorca, Minorca and Formentera offer visitors tranquility, excitement and pleasure. Experience Spanish night-life in Ibiza and relax in the white sand beaches of Formentera. Off the North-West coast of Africa is the popular Spanish archipelago called The Canary Islands.

Islands and Mountains

These archipelagos will never disappoint you. It will lure you with its diverse landscape. It has stunning beaches, impressive cliffs, amazing woods and surprising deserts.

Finally, one more interesting pick would be Las Medulas. The former gold mine in El Bierzo is now a historical tourist site. It is fortified with red mountains and chestnut trees. The viewpoint of Orellan is simply astonishing.


Sobrino de Botin is a delightful Restaurante in Madrid, which had bagged a Guiness book world record for being the oldest restaurant in the world. Tour around Spain and stop over at snack bars to order some Tapas.

Sobrino de Botin

Partaking in this feasting ritual is one of the quintessential ingredients of touring in Spain. When travelling Barcelona, visit Cafe Zurich, it is a cute eatery located in a pretty spot of the city.

Go Around Madrid

The capital, in most obvious ways, is equipped with impeccable architecture that will render its viewers speechless. The Royal Monastery of San Lorenzo de El Escorial, Plaza de Cibeles, Palacio de Aranjuez, etc, are a few of the most splendid architectural buildings that the capital has to offer.

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