The Influence Of Parents On Lifelong Goals Of Children

The Influence Of Parents On Lifelong Goals Of ChildrenThe joy of parenthood is one of the most satisfying emotions felt by humans. To have another human being who is your reflection and who looks to you for care with total trust and love is a very empowering yet at the same time humbling experience.

To help parents to do justice to their role or task there are lots of support systems like family and friends, books and with the advent of technology, the internet.

Some Pointers To Development Patterns Of Children

Valuable research has been done on child development by eminent psycologists and scientists like Charles Darwin, G. Stanley Hall,l and last but not the least Jean Piaget. According to them some prominent factors that determine child development are

a) Parents – the primary care givers
b) Ecological and cultural influences
c) Constructivism – the role of the child in his own mental development

Parents – The Primary Care Givers

Parents are the primary ‘givers’. They give the child his genetic composition and also the blue map of his physical and emotional development. So whether it’s nature (hereditary) or nurture (environmental influences), the role of the parent is undeniably important .

According to Lev Vygotsky a Russian psychologist, adults and parents in particular lead children into the ‘zone of proximal development’ – which is the range of skills that a child cannot perform unaided but needs adult assistance.

Tools And Techniques For Goal Development

Let us focus now on adolescence and how parents can be instrumental in shaping the goals of young adults

Lead By Example

First and foremost be a role model for your child. If you have a positive attitude, organized thought process and an ethical style of functioning, your child too will imbibe these qualities.

Listen, Speak, Listen!

Use time constructively to share news, views and ideas with your child. This could be a shared meal ,a walk or sometime just a simple chat – shutting your book and his computer. Be creative in understanding the mood as well as the need of your child.

Mentor…Not Hunter

Being a dictatorial parent is never very productive.Children need guidance ,be it educational, emotional, financial or spiritual. At times children may rebel, and test your patience but keep going with what works best for your child and your situation.

Achievable Targets

To enable your child to taste success help him/her to set realistic , achievable goals. At the same time point out the challenges, while reposing confidence in his/her ability to overcome them.

Fan The Dream

Listen to your child’s dreams and aspirations, help him/her evaluate his/her choices and options so that in future he/she is a financially secure, and happy individual.

Empower Your Child

Be a proactive parent. This could involve research on your part for which the net and professional career counselors can be consulted to access the aptitude and interests of your child.

What Path To Take?

There is a lot of research to suggest that family background and identity are closely linked to career development. The parents influence the vocational choice by their upbringing style, their lifestyle choices, their personnel example and their proactive guidance.

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