The Best Treatment For Back Acne

 Back Acne‘Bacne’ is another term used for back acne in which painful eruptions, zits and pimples appear on the surface of the back. The condition becomes difficult to treat, as the back is an inaccessible area. Back acne is generally seen in areas like the buttocks, back of the arms and the upper arms.

These can be noticed in the form of pimples, pustules, blackheads, whiteheads and cysts that leave deep craters and scars. Genes, stress, excessive sebum production and a fatty diet seem to play a role in the incidence of back acne. Here are some popular remedies and treatments for back acne.

How to Treat Back Acne the Right Way

Wash the Back with a Good Cleanser

Use a good anti-zit cleanser, which has a special oil free formula. Scrub and clean your back with this cleanser at least twice a day.

Wash the Back with a Good Cleanser

Wash the back well, and pat dry with a clean towel. Stay away from regular soaps as they are too drying and can strip your skin of essential moistures.

Benzoyl Peroxide

A cream of benzoyl peroxide is said to be very effective in the treatment of back acne. The cream is a topical cream, which should be applied on the affected areas at least twice every day.  This cream proves to be very effective for mild cases of back acne.


Regular exfoliation of the back and the buttock area can prevent and treat back acne. Use a gentle exfoliant, which is not too harsh on the skin. Try to exfoliate your skin at least 4-5 times a week for best results. The exfoliation helps to get rid of dirt, grime and dead skin cells, which lead to the formation of pimples and zits. If you can, use a homemade sugar scrub, as it is mild and natural. You can scrub your back and buttocks every time you take a shower.

Baking Soda

The use of baking soda is very effective in the treatment of back acne. Just take some baking powder and rub the affected areas with this powder.

Baking Soda

Wash off the baking soda with cold water. Cold water has a cooling effect and helps to reduce the inflammation associated with pimples. Therefore, your zits will actually appear less red.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar has been found to be useful in the treatment of back acne. You can make good use of apple cider vinegar either by drinking it or by applying it on the affected areas. Drinking apple cider vinegar dissolved in water helps to rid the body of impurities. Applying apple cider vinegar on the affected parts also helps to heal the acne to a great extent.

Aloe Vera

 Aloe Vera

The juice or the cream of aloe Vera can go a long way in treating back acne. The plant aloe vera has healing properties that helps the acne to subside. It also has a cooling effect on the skin.

Cucumber Pulp

Cucumber pulp is also considered an effective home remedy for the treatment of back acne. Grind a cucumber in the blender until it starts to resemble a pulp. Now apply this cool pulp all over the affected areas. The cooling effect helps to reduce swelling, infection and inflammation on the zits. You can repeat this treatment as often as you want as cucumber is natural and does no harm.

Orange Peel

The peel of an orange does the job of absorbing excess moisture and oil from the surface of the skin. Grind the peel of an orange in the mixer.

orange peel

Add some water to the powder to make a pulp. Now apply this pulp all over the affected area. Let the paste dry up on the skin before washing it off. This treatment works wonders on oily skin.

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Lemon Juice and Cinnamon

The juice of a lime along with powdered cinnamon works well to reduce back acne. Squeeze out the juice of one lime and add a teaspoon of powdered cinnamon to it.

lemon juice

Then apply this on the affected areas and wash off after 15 minutes. The lemon juice and the cinnamon together have a healing effect on the skin.

Wear Loose Cotton Clothes

Wearing loose, cotton clothes will help to reduce discomfort associated with back acne. This is because the sweat and the moisture tends to aggravate the acne. Wearing loose clothes will, however, allow your skin to breathe.

Sleep in fresh Bed Linen

Sleeping in clean bed sheets and fresh bed linen is very important. Accumulation of dirt, sweat, bacteria and grime on the bed sheets can worsen cases of back acne. Make sure you change your bed linen at least once or twice every week.

Drink up

Drink up

Make sure you consume plenty of water throughout the day. Water will flush out harmful toxins, minimize sebum production and keep your skin soft and hydrated.

Do not Touch the Affected Area

It may be very tempting to squeeze the pimples, touch them or burst them but this can aggravate the back acne and even cause an infection. Touching the acne can cause it to spread.

Wash and Bathe twice Daily

Take a tepid water bath and scrub your back with a soft loofah especially since the back and buttock areas are relatively inaccessible. This will help to keep the back clean and prevent the build up of sebum, which eventually causes pimples and acne. Make sure the water is not too hot as it could burn or irritate the inflamed skin.


Diet plays a crucial role in keeping acne at bay. Make sure you take a healthy and nutritious diet that is rich in fruits, vegetables and essential fats for a healthy and glowing skin. This will eliminate most skin related problems as well as very severe cases of back acne.

Consult a Doctor

In very severe cases of back acne, make sure you consult a doctor. A good dermatologist will assess and analyze your skin and suggest suitable prescriptions to rectify the acne problem. At times laser therapy may be required in order to cure very severe and acute cases of acne.

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