The 10 Best Search Engines For Kids

Internet is a tool that everybody just loves to use for browsing, education, entertainment or for passing time. Today, people have ready access to search engines, constant updates and endless information, at the click of a mouse or tap of a finger.

Our kids also have the same tools and are hence more prone to the more hardcore side of the internet. Parents today are more concerned about their kids using ‘safe’ search engines in order to protect them from many unwanted pop-ups and information freely available to their children.

There are many ways of making the internet a safe place for kids; there are several software programs, tools etc. One can use them to make the internet a safer place for their kids.

Nevertheless, let us face it, not all of us are that tech savvy, in fact children today are more well informed than their parents and can easily undo such settings, simply by exploring the browser and sometimes by accident. There are safer ways to deal with such concerns.

Many well-known and established browsers understand this fear and have special search engines designed for kids, and many that purely make search engines for kids.

These search engines are much safer as they have better safe guards to protect children from un-wanted results. The 10 Best Search Engines for Kids are mentioned below:

The 10 Best Search Engines For Kids

This is an excellent looking website for kids designed by Google. The theme portrays the usage of crayons and a T-Rex made by them.

Search Engines For Kids

There are many powerful filters used by this website such as SafeSearch and as a result anything that is deemed unsafe for kids even remotely is blocked. And if someone tries to be naughty, the search returns “Oops! Try Again”.

This website is vibrant looking and has a colorful theme. It also has a host of kids’ related stuff displaying e.g. games, entertainment etc. that will keep your child engaged, so much so, that they may overlook the small search bar on the top right corner.

Best Search Engines For Kids

The filters on this website are awesome; they even block the content that can be potentially damaging to kids in the slightest way.

This web page looks like a notepad with a small search bar and a smart horse with sunglasses. This is another search engine that has taken a lot of effort in making ‘web search’ safe for kids.

10 Best Search Engines For Kids

Whenever there is content that is not appropriate for kids, there is a robot telling them that there was no information found on the web for your query. A good looking and simple search engine for kids.

It is a more unique website as it is a ‘Visual’ search engine; there is also an option to search ‘Text’ though.

kids Search Engines

When a search is made the website displays the results in a screen shot view which can be scrolled across and the intended page selected.

This is a website which you can tell is for kids just by the name. Based on the iconic internet characters Dib Dab Doo, this is a custom Google search engine.

top Search Engines For Kids

Although the filters are active but sometimes certain ‘ads’ may crop up.

It is by far the most fun search engine for kids. This site also helps kids in forming their search properly as they often do not understand Boolean Logic ‘and’, ‘or’, ‘not’ etc.

fun search engine for kids

It is a visually appealing Yahoo powered search engine for kids.

10 search engine for kids

When you search for a word, the cloud above gives suggestions of a set of words that can be used for search. And the results are displayed below.

This is a Google custom search & SqurrilNet’s advanced screening software powered website.

ten Search Engines For Kids

It is completely safe for kids to use. It’s a website designed for use by teenagers too, so that can be a downside for 5 year olds.

A useful website for kids as it lets them be curious while keeping them safe at the same time.

top ten Search Engines For Kids

This website was designed by librarians, so it can get a little boring for children after a while.

There are many powerful filters used by this website and as a result anything that is deemed unsafe for kids is blocked.

Search Engines for children

Given that this website is not the best looking, but Google is a word synonymous with search on the internet and is known by everyone. But still, a little more visually appealing website would have been better.

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