Terms & Conditions

Please see when an article gets rejected.

1) If the information given is wrong.
2) If there are spelling mistakes
3) If there are any grammatical errors
4) If it is below specified word limit.
5) If the title is inappropriate. Title needs to be catchy.
6) If there are paragraphing or formatting errors

7) If 40% of the article is in point / bullet form
8) If the article is on an irrelevant topic / subject or not based on a searchable keyword. (As per Adwords the Search Count should be 5000+).
9) If any line is found copied or the content is simply re-phrased - Most Important
10) If it is a simply rewrite of any article
11) If the article has all capital letters or use of colors or fonts or if proper paragraphing is not done.
12) If you try submit any of your previously written / published article.

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