Ten Things To Avoid During Kidney Problems

Ten Things To Avoid During Kidney ProblemsIn the recent world, kidney problem is one of the mostly occurring health hazards. Every fourth person we come across reports that, he or she suffers from kidney problem. This particular health disorder can be associated with some other medical conditions or can also be a primary condition for causing several health hazards in the later stages.

A patient having high blood pressure is vulnerable to kidney problems. Similarly, kidney problems can causes diseases like hypertension, high uric acid in blood, etc. Kidney problem, in itself, can be very fatal, if it is not treated in the right manner and at the right time. Diseases of the kidneys can also be as fatal as causing kidney failures and need for frequent dialysis. There can be moderate problems too, like kidney stones.

Therefore, we need to realize the factors which will warn us that, we might be suffering from kidney problems. If we are successful in identifying these aspects in time, we can seek medical help and combat further deterioration of the kidneys.

Diet and addiction plays a crucial role in regulating the health of the kidneys. In case any of us suffer from kidney problems already, we need to know the food we need to eat and the habit we must avoid to maintain good health.

Things to Avoid During Kidney Problem

It is advised by the medical board that, patients suffering from kidney related problems must stay away from the following types of food.

Potassium Rich Food

Foods that are rich in potassium are not at all recommended for such patients. Their blood stream already contains a raised level of potassium. So, eating food like sweet lemon, white and refined flour, maize, peaches, etc. that are rich sources of potassium, will further spur the level of this nutrient in blood. Consequently, it will be harmful for them.

Phosphorus Rich Food

Kidney patients must stay away from foods that are sources of phosphorus. The more the amount of phosphorus in body, the more is it harmful. An unexpectedly increased phosphorus level acts harshly on the bones and corrodes them gradually. Therefore, the patients must curtail out food like, white rice, kidney beans, soybeans, mustard, beans, shrimp, cow milk, etc.

Sodium Rich Food

Another mineral that is totally unsuitable for kidney patients is sodium. Thus, the first and foremost thing they must do is to reduce the intake of table salt while having food, completely. An increased level of sodium in blood also causes enhancing of blood pressure.

As we have already discussed, high blood pressure is directly related to kidney problems. Salt intake, in excessive quantities, also make the patient incapable to retain adequate quantity of fluid in their body, which is not advised in kidney problems. Since coconut water contains a great deal of natural sodium, so consult your doctor before having them regularly.


The most astonishing thing to know regarding kidney problem is that while doctors advice people to have generous quantities of fruits in their diet everyday, but fruits are not recommended in case of kidney  related diseases.

Ten Things To Avoid During Kidney Problems

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Fruits are rich store houses of natural sodium, potassium and dietary protein. As discussed earlier, sodium and potassium are not suitable for these patients. So, fruits are to be taken in extremely minimal quantities to maintain health. Consult your doctor on your recommended dosage of fruits to get a clearer idea.

Protein Rich Food

People who are suffering from kidney problems are advised not to have too much intake of dietary proteins. Their kidney becomes weak and cannot assimilate protein during the disease. So, if you are going through the similar situation, discard high protein food from your diet like spinach, beans, lentils, red meat, animal protein, cabbage, cauliflower, etc. If you still keep on having these regularly then you will be susceptible to further deterioration of kidney problems and even kidney failure.


Those who are fond of having wine or fanatic about taking an occasional toast of liquor with friends, must stay away from this habit, completely, once you are detected with kidney problem. Your kidneys can no longer take in alcohol and will get even more damaged if you continue with having alcohol regularly.


We have all grown up hearing that water is beneficial for health and we should have enough quantities of water, all throughout the day, to ensure healthy body and well functioning kidneys. But, this concept gets totally changed when the question of water intake arrives when you are already detected with kidney problem. If you are in the initial stages of minor kidney problem, then you will be advised to have enough quantity of water so that your whole system remains hydrated. Dehydration aggravates kidney problems.

But, if your situation is a really serious one, then, your water intake will be  drastically reduced. You will, perhaps, be asked to have minimal water, since your kidneys are no longer capable of acting as ‘strainers’ for your body, filtering out toxins. The best way to know about water intake suitable for your condition is  to have yourself examined thoroughly and have an open discussion with your doctor.

Cigarettes and Tobacco

Smoking is not recommended if you are a kidney patient. This is a warning, especially, to those who smoke heavily. Excessive intake of tobacco, in any form, can cause pressure on the renal system. Since the renal system is weakened due to kidney problem, so it cannot sustain the added stress. Thus, the system gets further deteriorated.

Soft Drinks

Most of us love to have soft drinks. It is really refreshing, specially, during hot summer afternoons. A bottle of soft drink is favorite one, among most of us. But, there are great health disadvantage of soft drinks too. In case of patients with kidney problems, soft drinks should be avoided as much as possible. One of the major constituents in soft drinks is chromium, which is strictly prohibited during kidney related diseases.

Sweets and Confectionary

You must have a great love for various types of sweets, cakes, pastries, candies and chocolates. But, when you have been detected with kidney problems, you must stay away from sweets as much as possible. Specially, if you are diabetic, sweets are ‘poison’ for you. Diabetic persons, with kidney problems, tend to get sicker and down with further crisis of kidney diseases if they do not avoid sweets totally.

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