Types of Tattoo
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There are various types of tattoos available in the market. Tattoos are differentiated by their look, style and origination. Thus tattoos may be categorized into abstractions, naturalistic, stylized tattoos, dedicated designs and combination tattoos.

Abstractions – Abstraction designs of tattoos have been derived from archaic tattoos. These tattoos were mostly drawn with black ink and with minimal art work. Most of the tribal tattoos are abstractions in its form. Symbols from the western and Chinese scripts as well as the tribal designs are the common examples of abstractions.

Naturalistic – When an image is drawn to give it a realistic look, it is called a naturalistic tattoo. Naturalistic tattoos includes a lot of shading, perspective, detailing and depth gives the effect of looking realistic or natural. Some of the most common example of naturalistic tattoos is the portrayal of the face of men and women or a figure.

Stylized Tattoos – Stylized tattoos are pictures of various things which one may draw on their body. There are different types of shapes sizes and styles used in making these tattoos. Any object can be given a stylized look while making the tattoo. Some of the most common stylized tattoos are flowers, animals, heart, of even zodiac signs.

Dedicated DesignsThese are traditional western tattoos which were mostly worn by sailors. These tattoos represent signs of pledging and dedications. Though not many people nowadays use these tattoos these tattoos have historical importance. Some of the most common designs of the dedicated tattoos are the signs of anchor, heart, banner and ship name.

Combination tattooAs the name suggests, the combination tattoos is a mixture of different shapes and forms. The designs used to make a tattoo may not always be related to each other. There are no specific designs which are used as combination tattoos. It solely depends on the artist and the client.

Different types of tattoos are in nowadays and people according to their taste may wear a tattoo.