Procedure For Tattooing
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People from different cultures use different procedures of tattooing. The tribal people used to draw tattoos by cutting the designs into the skin and putting the ink into it. And sometimes they used ashes put into the skin and draw tattoos on the skin. Tattooing is quite an ancient art and thus the procedures have evolved in various phases. The modern day procedures of tattooing ensure safety and hygiene above everything. Many people in the recent times have got infected with various diseases and infection of skin while getting a tattoo done. Thus people have become more cautious about the safety and hygiene of the whole process.

While going in for a tattoo one must have the proper procedure of doing it. Firstly the person who is getting a tattoo must clean the skin with soap and water and drying it off with a clean towel. The skin should be wiped with sterile alcohol based liquid. The part on which the tattooing will be done must be shaved cleanly with new or sterilized razor. The artist must use disposable needles for tattooing.

The inks which are used for tattooing must be of the highest quality. And one must also ensure that fresh ink is being used while making the tattoo. As needles are dipped into the inks every time during tattooing, there is a chance of transferring Hepatitis C virus into the person’s body. A fresh cup is also a must to pour the ink. While using different colors one must wash the instrument as well as the needles in between changing from one color to another. After washing, it is also important to discard the cup in which the needles were cleaned.

The place where the tattooing will be done must be cleaned thoroughly. It must have clean floors, walls and ceilings to ensure proper safety. Thus the procedure of tattooing will be complete with every safety precautions.