Tattoo Meaning
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Tattoos are a great way to express oneself. Symbolic tattoos and pictorial tattoos helps expressing ones ideas about life, political and social issues. Even spiritual tattoos are quite common which express the person’s spiritual beliefs. Tattoos are quite often drawn to show of certain religious beliefs. A cross tattoo depicts that fact of the person’s faith in Christianity. And Angels are drawn as tattoos which represents good spirits. Dragon tattoos are quite common in the Japanese and Chinese culture.

Tattoos are generally described as symbols, and symbols are pictures which tell something without using any word. Thus different tattoos tell us different things. It depends up on the people who wear it and what kind of message he would want to represent. In most of the times the real meaning of tattoos is not known to the person who is painting it. And thus it may not match to the person’s values in life. It is better to know the proper meaning of the tattoo and then wear it to avoid any wrong indication.

But there are certain symbols or picture which only depicts the literal meaning. Suppose a rose will always mean a rose and nothing else. Religious tattoos have definite meanings. A cross of a person’s body will definitely represent that he is a Christian, or the holy signs of Hindus and Buddhist will help recognize the person’s religious faith.

Ancient civilizations also used tattoos to represent something. The tattoos of animals sometimes showed the bravery of that person. Egyptians used tattoos for religious purposes. Prehistoric men used tattoos which meant their spirituality and power. Sometimes tattoos had beautiful designs which only represented ornamentation of the body and nothing else. Wearing tattoos have become quite a trendy thing and more and more people who are getting a tattoo done on their body are also getting conscious about the meaning of tattoos too.