Various Diseases of Tattoos
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Tattoos are quite trendy and fashionable but it always has got a risk of getting various diseases which are mainly blood borne. These blood borne diseases can be quite serious and even sometimes life threatening. Diseases like tuberculosis, Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, AIDS, Tetanus and many other harmful diseases may be the cause of tattooing. And researches have proved the fact that these tattoos are the foremost bearer of the hepatitis C. Some of the shocking facts that the statistics shows is that every year almost ten thousand people die of Hepatitis C. And more than four million people in America only are chronically infected with Hepatitis C.

Most of these diseases are caused due to negligence of the tattoo artist while making it. The instruments by which the tattoos are drawn must be sterilized properly to disinfect it. But only a few and reputed tattoo parlor follow the proper and hygienic steps of tattooing. It is always better to have disposable needle for tattooing. And one needle should be used for one person only. This will stop contamination of contagious diseases. While tattooing a person precautions like wearing latex gloves, washing hands properly, using sterilized needles and instruments, using quality inks, and disposing of the remaining inks which has been used on one person.

While inks may even be the cause of various diseases of tattoos, it should be poured in a separate container in small amount. And after use the remaining ink must be disposed off. And new ink should be used for the next client. A good knowledge of all the risk factors involved in tattooing should be known to the tattoo artist as well as the client to have a full protection against any kind of transmissible and contagious diseases.

Tattooing exposes various kinds of health risks just because the whole process exposes blood and body fluids of the body. Blood hemorrhaging have also been found in many people with tattoo.