Styles Of Sleepwear For Women

sleep wear for womenWomen have always been fussy, be it outer wear, inner wear, swimwear or sleepwear. Sleepwear was until a few years ago an abandoned category of fashion.

Thanks to designers who have understood the requirements of women while they sleep. Women need more comfort and relaxation more than anybody else, to face the challenges and trials if the world head on.

Moreover, most women would want to look absolutely sexy and at times erotic while they sleep. That is why choosing the right sleepwear is of utmost importance.

Styles of sleepwear


Sleepwear comes in a variety of styles and in a variety of materials. The most popular and comfortable style in sleepwear is pajamas. Pajamas have taken the world by storm due to their great variety and comfort. A basic pajama is a crisp cotton shirt with long sleeves and normally with a notch collar.

It has a loose ankle length pant as bottom. The pajama pants have drawstrings at the front or elastic bands at the waist which makes them very comfortable for night and as a house wear. This great sleepwear for women comes in satin, silk and printed cotton. Satin with lace trims are good for everyday use.

Silk pajamas with lace fabric yokes or lace trims are best for romantic nights that are special…Pajama can have sleeveless tops and spaghetti strapped tops and the length of the pants can vary from hips to ankle length depending on which season it is and according to your comfort.


Baby dolls are more suited for racy nights. They bring with it a lot of sensuality, sex appeal and erotica. Babydoll tops can race up the heat in a bedroom depending on the varying degrees of styles available in this category. Babydoll tops are normally in satin and silk materials. Printed silk too is a much favoured style for babydoll tops.

Babydoll tops come with a lot of frills and lace fabric attachments. Few of them are made in wire mesh fabrics without lining, to highlight your sensuous body. Baydolls are also made in see through lace materials. They mostly come with drawstrings at the front, leaving the rest of the garment open. Babydoll are short with styles that just about cover the crotch line. They mostly come with matching lace underwear.

Chemises and camisoles

A chemise and camisole are basically the same. A chemise will have a longer length, probably covering the hipline. A camisole top can either be as short as a bra or as long as a chemise. Camisole bra tops are very popular with women as they come with an inbuilt bra which can be used as an outer garment too.

Plus size women benefit a lot from camisole bra tops as they give support while they sleep. Camisoles and chemises too can be made sexy by using a variety of fabrics like lace, lace trims on silk and satin, cotton with lace bordering etc. Camisole bras tops are very elegant and come in a variety of styles with embellishment and crystal attachments for wedding and honeymoon use.


Again a very versatile sleepwear, robes come in long and short lengths. Satin and silk robes can be used for special occasions and also as a daywear. A robe basically has an open front and an overlapping wrap style with a notch collar and a belt for adjustment.  Robes normally have long sleeves. They are more suited for the cooler months and hence you can see thick and insulating materials like flannel, cotton and silk robes.

This does not mean that robes cannot be made to look sexy. You will find a variety of them made in lace fabrics and in satin and lace combinations. Robes can be worn with boy shorts of with pajamas to make them look more modest. They also come in ankle length styles which can be worn as it is. Few robes will have matching panties which can be worn along with the robes at night leaving your toned legs out for admiration.


Most suited for plus size women and for cooler months. Gowns come mostly in satin, silk and cotton. We get a number of combination styles too in gowns. They are long, mostly with front opening and with a structured design and deep V necklines to give an illusion of length and to reduce their girth.

Robes too come with long sleeves. However, they can also be sleeveless, short or cap sleeved depending on the seasons and comfort. You will find sheer gowns with deep side slits which are more suited for wedding and honey moon nights. Gowns are very useful when you are very heavy and do not like to flaunt your bulges.

Colours and prints

Sleepwear is all about pastel shades as one would want to look light and comfortable. However, there are some deeper shades like burgundy, black, midnight blue and dark printed varieties that are popular too. The pajamas in cotton have the great scope for experimentation as they are available in a great number of colours and prints.

While printed silk sleepwear is expensive, their cotton and satin counterparts are not so expensive and very cool.  Mostly women prefer creams and pinks and peaches when it comes to silk and satin sleepwear.  The prints in cotton can be varied from all over prints to machine prints on the front of the pajama top which could be a favourite personality or a theme.

Cheap sleepwear for women

Now coming to the question of how to get cheap sleepwear for women, the sale season is the place to be in for getting all the variety you ever wanted in sleepwear. Visiting sales in the shops will ensure that you have a variety of styles to use depending on which season of the year it is.

It is always good to ensure that you get a number of styles in a number of fabrics while getting sleepwear form sales. Getting sleepwear from sale will also allow you to save a lot of money on products which would have been expensive otherwise.

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