Style Yourself With Clothes, Make-up And Hair Care This Summer

Summers are the season which require extra care for the whole body be it skin, hair or clothes or hands and feet. Each and every body part needs extra pampering and care during summers. You need to keep tab on what you eat too during summers as you need to keep your body hydrated also. SO let us check out some tips to keep the whole body toned and healthy during summers so that we can sport the best look during this time. So let’s start with finding out what kind of diet will be the best during summers to keep ourselves fit and healthy.

Healthy Diet for summers

During summers include your diet with fruits and vegetables rich in water content. Your diet should be more of liquid content in order to keep your skin hydrated eat raw fruits and vegetables and drink lots of liquids too. Hot weather disturbs the pH balance of our body and thus reduces the moisture level of our body. In order to maintain the balance of water in our body we need to take a lot of liquids in the form of fruit juices, milk, coconut water and skimmed milk.

Heavy foods like deep fried dishes, junk foods, chocolates and tough to digest dals should be avoided during summers because it is difficult to digest them during summers. During summers eat and add more of cucumber and tomatoes in your salad and avoid onions because they are warm in tendency and raise the body temperature too.

Add more of capsicum and cabbage in your daily diet as they are rich in water retention in cells and thus increase the water and moisture content in the body moreover they are delicious to eat also. Water melon and Cucumber are very good seasonal fruits for summers which can be eaten directly and can be applied on face also to make our skin glow and retain moisture in the skin too.

Grapes and Litchi are very rich in proteins and vitamins so they should be eaten in enough amounts to keep the balance of proteins and vitamins in our diet. In order to keep your ski n and hair beautiful in summer avoid eating oily and spicy foods and try to include more of green vegetables and curd in your diet.

Best summer clothes

Try to wear those clothes during summers while moving out which cover maximum portion of your body. This way your skin will rem9ian protected from direct exposure to sunlight and sun tanning. While going out always cover your head with your sari or a scarf to save your hair from sun light.

Wear light coloured cotton clothes during summers because cotton clothes allow air to cross ventilate and thus they keep your body cool. Do not wear tight clothes because in tight fitting clothes air circulation stops thus wear lose cotton clothes during summers.

Avoid wearing dark coloured clothes as they will absorb heat and make you feel warmer, so try and wear light coloured clothes which will keep you cool and will save you from too much of sweating too.

Try and take bath twice in summers and wear clean and washed clothes every time. Most importantly wear cotton undergarments during summers to avoid any kind of rashes or skin infection in your private parts.

Hair care for summers

Due to heavy sweating during summers hair get dirty very quickly so it is very important to keep them clean and to maintain their lustre take proper care of hair. Washing your hair twice in a week is very important during summers. Massage your hair scalp once with coconut oil in a week during summers. Steam your hair after coconut oil massage. After steaming wash your hair with reetha, amla and shikakai shampoo.

You can also use the tea leaves left after making tea by boiling them in water and strain the water. Wash your hair finally with this boiled tea leaves water after shampoo and add 2-3 teaspoons of lime juice also to this boiled water. Try to sport a hairstyle where your hair are not left open as during sweat open hair make you sweat more so try to tie them up whenever moving out or at home too.

Hands and Feet Care for summers

During summers excessive heat makes your feet burn and you feel tired too, so it is important to keep your feet clean and cool to avoid heat. After coming back from office or market soak your feet in warm water with some table salt. Keep your feet soaked for say half an hour or so and after ten minutes clean your feet with pumice stone or brush. After rubbing and cleaning with pumice stone wash them with cold water and wipe them with a towel and apply some moisturizer as if massaging your feet. This will make your feet clean and relaxed also and all the tiredness will be gone.

Soak your feet in water and mix one teaspoon of honey and some drops of lime juice too. After ten minutes take your feet out of water and wipe them with towel and massage with light hands with olive oil. This will relieve your feet and you will feel relaxed as all the tiredness will be gone through feet. Same way you can do with your hands also this way your hands will become clean and relaxed too. This is a good home made manicure and pedicure too. Try to wear comfortable shoes during summers and after cleaning your feet apply some cream so that you do not get cracked heels.

Make-up tips for summer

Before starting make-up during summers rub ice on your face for half an hour so that your face does not sweat too much when you move out and the makeup will also be even on your face. Apply under eye cream so that the skin around your eyes remains moisturised and does not develop wrinkles. Use least make up during summers and always use lip base before applying any lipstick on your lips. And if your lipsticks are becoming lose due to heat then keep them in fridge to make them tight back again. Avoid applying makeup on sun tanned skin and if your skin is oily do not use foundation on your skin for makeup otherwise acne or pimples might develop on your skin.

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