Stress Management With Yoga

stress management yogaStress is the unwanted part in every one’s life, so whether you are working or staying at home stress is becoming an unwanted part of you. Stress is the cause of many diseases too, so we need to keep it the lowest to stay fit and healthy.

Yoga can be very helpful in reducing the stress level in our life. SO if you want to manage stress in your life why not check out some really nice yoga poses which will not only keep you fit but reduce stress from your body and will make you feel relaxed and happy. Stress can be managed by keeping our mind calm and cool.

If you are not happy then there is no use of living such life because stressed life will attract so many diseases and this stress will start eating your body after some time, so why not manage this stress early in your life and live a happy and healthy life. Yoga with the help of meditation causes the reduction of stress level to nil. There are so many yoga posses which are very beneficial to get rid of this stress. So let us find out what all things and poses does yoga have for us to stay and manage stress in our life.

Yoga Meditation

Sit in a calm position or asana and keep your back straight or you can take the support of the wall to while sitting. When you start doing meditation then stay in this pose for 5-10 minutes and do not move or deviate from this mudra. After few days you will be able to concentrate and focus your mind in this pose.

Now after closing your eyes try to focus on the inhaling and exhaling of your breath. You should always meditate in a calm position and cool atmosphere without any disturbance. You can also listen to your favourite music while doing meditation; remember your guru or God while meditating in this pose. Listening to devotional songs or devotional lectures or Gayatri mantra is also helpful in reducing stress while meditating.

Benefits of meditation

It keeps your mind and soul both calm and cool and helps in concentrating on anything nicely.It also helps in clean and clear thought process, you will not think bad or wrong about anything thus developing positive attitude towards life. It helps in cleaning of your inner conscience and thus help-s in making you more energetic with positive energy.It helps in boosting your self confidence.

Anulom –Vilom Pranayam

Sit in a calm pose with your back perfectly straight on the floor or yoga mat. Now with your right hand thumb press your right nostril and keep the index finger and the middle finger in between both the eyebrows. Now breath from your left nostril as the right one is closed with the right thumb.

After inhaling from the left nostril close it with the smallest finger of the right hand only and remove the right thumb from the right nostril; and exhale from the right nostril only. Now inhale from this right nostril only and again close it with the right hands’ thumb and then exhale from the left nostril by lifting the smallest finger.

Repeat it again by inhaling breath from the left nostril back again and closing it and exhale through the right nostril/. Continue repeating this for 5 minutes continuously initially and increases the number of turns after few days.

Benefits of Anulom vilom pranayam

It helps in increasing the energy in your body by reducing stress and keeping your mind cool and calm. It helps in boosting the immunity system also of the body. It is also helpful in diabetes, high and low blood pressure, heart problems too.

Butterfly pose

Sit in a comfortable position on the floor or yoga mat with back straight and now fold both your legs from the knees onwards so that both the soles of the feet meet each other, just like in a Namaste pose. Now interlock the fingers of both the hands and hold your feet with these interlocked fingers.

Now move your knees up and down just like a butterfly flaps its wings while flying. Do this flapping motion with the knees for 50 times in one go and keep on increasing the number every day with practise.

Benefits of butterfly pose

It helps in losing fat from the lower body portion and helps in reducing pain in the joints. It is a good exercise for back, waist and legs.It helps in reducing mental and physical stress from the body and thus helps in managing stress in our body.

Shava asana (Death Pose)

Lie straight on the floor with your back on the floor on your yoga mat, keeping both the arms on your both sides. Keep the palms facing upwards and fingers a little bent inwards. Keep a distance of about 1.5 feet between the two feet and leave your whole body loose. Do not move any body part and breathe normally as you breathe and try to concentrate on your breathing keeping your eyes closed.

Think about all the positive things in life and imagine that energy is flowing in your body from toes to your head. The more you can stay in this position the more relaxed you will feel. Try counting your breathes while doing this pose or remember god while lying in this pose. Try to do this pose for 10-115 minutes for best benefits.

Benefit of Death Pose

It makes you physically as well as mentally strong by relaxing the whole body and resting all the body parts. Since this pose is a mixture of both asana as well as meditation so it not only keeps our mind relaxed but keeps our body fit too. People suffering from heart diseases or mental stress get instant relief from this pose.

The whole body gets afresh flow of blood and results in reducing anger. Thus all the negative thoughts are removed from our body thus improving the physical and mental stamina of our body. Thus all these yoga poses are very helpful in stress management and helps in reducing the stress and keeping us both mentally and physically healthy.

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