Quality Guarantee

St.Botanica products are manufactured in GMP certified unit. Our main ingredient Pueraria Mirifica is certified by CTFA, USA.

Our Team has done extensive research and clincial trials before launching the products.

Exacting measurements is one of the key differences between us and other herbal products. We carefully divide out the right type of herb for use as the main ingredients. While the Pueraria herb can be used for breast enhancement it is important that the distinction between the different types of Pueraria species is made. There are 13 known species in the world and only one of these species is effective with breast enhancement.

Using biological research we have been able to combine this species with a second species of Pueraria that grows at a higher rate and crossbreed the two to create a super Pueraria Mirifica plant that we cultivate on a 2,000-acre tract of land in Thailand. Therefore we are able to produce not only the highest quality but also the highest quantity of Pueraria Mirifica herb in its native habitat.

All clincial trials and research are available at

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