Butea Superba Capsules    

St. Botanica Butea capsules are a breakthrough sexual enhancer product that can offer you the power to overcome sexual frustrations quickly and easily. Butea is very strong blood flow stimulator that can help to improve blood into the chambers of the penis during arousal. If used over a period, continuous improved blood flow into these chambers can slowly expand them and can cause the penis to increase in size, stamina, pleasure, and staying power. butea superba capsules


St. Botanica Butea supercapsule also correctba s erectile dysfunction since it relaxes the cavernosal muscles. Relaxing these muscles will result in increased penile blood flow. St. Botanica Butea superba is a non-hormonal and safe sexual stimulating product. It acts safely on the higher centers such as the hypothalamus and limbic systems that improves libido and enhances the mood to perform various sexual activities. St. Botanica Butea superba will also improve and help maintain erection and to stand longer lovemaking. The anti-stress, adaptogenic actions of Butea will help alleviating anxiety that is associated with sexual mood one or the other way.

Butea Superba and tropical herb extracts.

Take 2 capsules after breakfast and the other two before bedtime everyday.

Do not take more than 4 capsules per day. If there is any sign of irregularity, stop taking the pill and seek a doctor.

Capsule: 60 capsules

Safe and very effective, St. Botanica Butea capsules help to give man an increased number of ejaculatory contractions for the orgasm that can last longer and stronger. It is proven that deeper contractions that are much fuller from start to finish allows markedly more intense orgasms. St. Botanica Butea will also help to ejaculate an increased volume of semen for longer, stronger ‘release sensation'; and will support faster ejaculation recovery times for next multiple episodes.

Butea Superba 60 Capsules
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Butea Superba 60 Capsules
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Butea Superba 60 Capsules
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Butea Superba 60 Capsules
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St. Botanica Butea superba gel and massaging - a winning combination

Dissimilar with most of the rest of the man’s bodily organs, the penis is wired end-to-end. Inside the organ, the nerves’ ending run horizontally and not vertically. They run throughout the penile skin and mucosal surfaces, including the prepuce. Using St. Botanica Butea superba capsules will help nourishing the penile cells from inside and you can power-up the performance by applying some useful massage gel such as Butea Gel that can stimulate local blood circulation again, giving greater and fuller erection offering deep penetration capacity.

For erection enhancement, use St. Botanica Butea capsules and massage small amount of Butea Gel onto the penis before leaving it to dry twice a day; in the morning and in the evening. Massage the organ gently in an outward motion. You can repeat these sequences in a number of sets. If performed over the times, it can get you fuller and firmer erection with great arousing pleasure.

For natural penis enlargement with increased libido, use St. Botanica Butea capsules and for exercise wrap the organ with a warm damp cloth. This will dry your penis giving warm feeling. You should then massage it with Butea Gel taking 10-15 drops. Take the said amount of the grl onto the penis and massage it in circular movements; first clockwise and then anticlockwise. For better results, you can also take St. Botanica Butea capsules and massage the penis with Butea Gel by gently using the JELQING technique. For maximum benefits, reapply the gel and practice it for about 1-2 months.

Clinical Studies supporting Butea superba as an effective libido enhancer:

There was an investigation for the effects of the herb Butea superba on the reproductive system in male Wistar rats. The rats were given with the powdered crude butea superba herb daily. The herb was suspended in distilled water by a gastric tube for about eight weeks. The results were favorable suggesting that the herb is beneficial in enhancing libido and stengthening reproductive systems in animals. It was concluded that the butea superba herb increased testis weight and sperm counts (For "Effects of Butea superba on reproductive systems of rats" in Fitoterapia. 2006 Sep;77(6):435-8 at Pharmaceutical-Cosmetic Raw Materials and Natural Products Research and Development Center, Institute for Science and Technology Research and Development, Chiang Mai University, Thailand).

White Kwao Krua (scientifically known as Pueraria mirifica) is a Thai herb with phytoestrogen-richness and the plant has been prescribed for since long as a traditional herbal medicine. The related plant, Red Kwao Krua (Butea superba), is widely found in the Thai deciduous forests and has been very famous among Thai males since it has properties of rejuvenation and increasing sexual power. The tuberous roots of Thai Butea superba have flavonoid and flavonoid glycoside with cAMP phosphodiesterase inhibitor activity and also sterol compounds such as beta-sitosterol, campesterol and stigmasterol. In studies, it was proven that Butea superba has a high cAMP phosphodiesterase inhibition activity that was directly related to corpus cavernosal vasodilation making the erection fuller and stronger. (Clinical trial of Butea superba, an alternative herbal treatment for erectile dysfunction. Asian J Androl. 2003 Sep;5(3):243-6)



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