Breast Spray

Firmness, Revitalizes & Rejuvenates Breast Skin

breast spray
Effective for wrinkles, after pregnancy effects and shrinking breasts
Increases hydration of the breast
Enlarge and enhance the breasts
Stimulate the growth of new breast tissue
Increases the body's ability to stimulate female hormones
Helps in maintaining the collagen which improves the breast skin

St. Botanica Brest Spray is excellent for breast firming and breast enlargement. It has a pleasant perfumed fragrance that makes your breasts fresh and energetic. There are many studies revealed that Pueraria mirifica extract with its high isoflavones, promotes and enhances the breasts within 10-15 days. The spray is to be applied three to four times a week for optimum benefits. For quicker results, one can also use St. Botanica Breast Mask.

The Breast Spray is a unique formula that consists of Pueraria mirifica that contains natural phyto-estrogen. The formula helps toning up the drooping breasts by enhancing and stimulating the development of fatty tissues or liposomes that form the breasts and offer it a spongy and sexier look. St. Botanica Breast Spray, if used regularly, can get volume to your breasts and lift them to look beautiful.

Breast Spray 50 ml.
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Breast Spray 50 ml.
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Breast Spray 50 ml.
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Breast Spray 50 ml.
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Video Demonstration

The video shows a standard technique to massage the breasts effectively. You can regularly use Breast Spray to uplift and firm your breasts.

St. Botanica Breast Spray - freshness and enhancement

St. Botanica Breast Spray’s main ingredient, the wonder herb Pueraria mirifica, plays role as an effective anti-aging agent by improving the skin texture of the breasts. Straight from the bosom of Mother Earth, from Thailand, the herb possesses natural enhancement properties and hence, is ideal for women who opt for safe and effective herbal remedies.

Get all the benefits of the St. Botanica Breast Spray by spraying it on the beasts regularly. Just use the spray for a while and you will come to know what difference it makes to the loosen breasts. You must use it to believe it! Perfumed St. Botanica Breast Spray lets you pamper your breasts to get them back into their arousing shape. St. Botanica Breast Spray is very natural and hence there are no side effects reported so far.

St. Botanica Breast Spray penetrates deep into the layers of breast tissue preparing the cellular substructure to accept increased volume by increasing hydration of the breast tissue. It offers breast cells the capability to absorb additional volume, similar as a sponge swells as it absorbs water. The breasts increase in both; size and weight. St. Botanica Breast Spray helps to develop a new and satisfying feeling of fullness as the breasts grows.

The difference between estrogen and phyto-estrogens

Estrogen is the hormone, which is necessary for normal sexual development and growth of the breasts, uterus and ovaries. The hormone plays essential role in governing the women's menstrual cycles and is very important for reproduction. You can consider that you need estrogen to look beautiful and wellbeing.

Nevertheless, studies have revealed that excess exposure to estrogen is one of the main risk factors that develop breast and endometrial cancer. Researches have also shown that phyto-estrogens or estrogen, which is commonly found in some plants and herbs, can displace the human estrogen and hence diminish the growth of tumor cells.

On the other hand, phyto-estrogens are group of naturally occurring compounds that are very close in chemical structure to the hormone estrogen itself. They are proven to have function on various bodily reactions and provide favorable effects such as:

  • Lowering incidences of the cancer related to females i.e. breast, endometrial, uterus
  • Reducing the risk of strokes
  • Relieving the symptoms of menopause
  • Promoting hormonal balance that results in larger and firmer breast tissue

Pueraria Mirifica and tropical herb extracts.

Use once in the morning. Spray on your breast area.

Liquid: 50 ml.

Not recommended for pregnant women, breast feeding mothers or women diagnosed with medical condition of the breasts


Problems and their general solutions wearing brassiere




Back underband is riding up

Maken the straps longer. Go for a smaller band size or go for a tight setting on the band.

The band is to be fit straight across the back. The lower edge should rest just under the shoulder blades. Remember that lower the back band fitting, more is the support one gets.

Underbands entrenches at the base of the cups

Make a hook loose and/or go for a larger band size. Try for some bra extender such as a La Senza Dreamshapers .

It should be comfy enough to slip a finger beneath the bands at the base of the cups.

The centre gets away from the breastbone

You should Increase the size of cup and if this does not work, you probably require a different style.

The general rule says that the center should fit close to the breastbone and it should not get away at the center.

Underband is very tight

Go for putting a looser hook. You should try to increase the band size. You can also go for the bra extender.

The band should fit closely but well around the torso. It should not trouble you since if is too tight, it leaves red marks on the skin.

Breasts are dropping and/or sagging appearing as ugly projection

You should tight the straps. Go for a smaller cup size or style. Remember that cups are either too big or too deep. You can also try for inserting Illusions for a firmer and bigger look.

An ideal projection is that the middle of the breast should be at rectangle with the floor. The best idea for sagging breasts of any size is wearing a full-cupped bra. However, push-up or demi-cup styles may not provide that much support.

Straps are getting digged into the shoulders

Here, you should loose the straps. Go for the bra with wider straps and place bra strap pads under the straps, if available.

Generally, straps will be loosen to about half the way. Check out that if they leave red marks onto the shoulders, they are very tight.

The Breast tissues are overflowing from cup

You should then Increase the cup size. Go for a larger band size.

A well-fitted bra contains all of the breast tissue inside the cup and there is no chance for them to peep out.

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My breast is small but now 34 due to [@] my bf will exercise my boobs daily .i am very satisfied.with this spary.
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I want sprey product for biggest breast
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M having droopy small breast . Always wanted a bigger firmer breast . Pls help
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