Breast Serum

Effective Product for Firming Breasts

Breast Serum - Effective Product for Enhancing cup size
Expands the cellular substructure of the female breast
Provide supports for fuller and firm breast
Adds volume to breast
Promotes development of the lobules and alveoli
Decrease the appearance of sagging breasts
Phyto-estrogens cause fatty tissue to accumulate in breasts
Liposomes tones the breast tissue

St. Botanica Breast Serum is a natural product for firming and strengthening the breasts. Using the serum you will add volume to the drooping and flaccid breasts. The formula of Breast Serum is designed in a special way so that ingredients present in the serum quickly get absorbed into the body. Quick absorption will increase the cellular structure of the breasts and make them nice and taut. St. Botanica Breast Serum contains the Thai herb known as Pueraria mirifica. The herb is phyto-estrogenic in nature and offers similar action what the estrogen performs in the female body. The Breast Serum will also restore a fuller bust-line while toning up the breasts’ skin.

Empowered with Pueraria mirifica (popularly known as White Kwao Krua), the Breast Serum will release anti-aging agents that rejuvenate the flabby breasts. The Breast Serum could be the best options for those painful and agonizing medical surgeries that dramatically tone-up the breasts. Here, all you need to do is just apply the St. Botanica Breast Serum and gain the benefits by having a pair of beautiful breasts.

Using St. Botanica Breast Serum is easy and never tough. You just need to massage by rubbing the serum onto the breasts with a gentle pressure. However, one must be assured that the massage is performed on all the points of the breasts. If performed well, you will notice how the product gradually but significantly improves the shapes and sizes of the breasts. Remember that, there are no surgical procedures and no pains!

St. Botanica Breast Serum is the perfect and painless solution for your listless, sagging breasts. The Breast Serum is very herbal and natural product. So, you do not have to worry about nasty side-effects that generally modern chemically or synthetically formulated breast products and treatment methods have.

pueraria mirifica Ingredients:
Pueraria Mirifica and tropical herb extracts.

Use once in the morning and at night. Apply on your breast area and massage for 3-5 minutes until it is fully absorbed.

Serum: 60 ml.

Not recommended for pregnant women, breast feeding mothers or women diagnosed with medical condition of the breasts.

Breast Serum 60 ml.
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Breast Serum 60 ml.
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Breast Serum 60 ml.
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Breast Serum 60 ml.
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This product's efficiency cover every kind of breast that lack of firmness, especially for those with sagging breasts. You can see the result within 1-2 months.

Breast massage with St. Botanica Breast Serum

The human breasts are essential structures that are made up of fats and glands. The breasts are mounted onto the female's chest wall with a sensitive system of ligaments. The circulation within the breast is almost the same as rest of the body consisting arteries, veins and lymphatic vessels. Overall, the arteries get fresh blood to the cells carrying nutrition that the breasts and their tissues need for proper health. The veins take the blood away from the cells along with cellular waste and toxins. The lymphatic system is designed to return the toxin and other wasteful materials that present within the intercellular fluid and the cells.

Toxins are believed to be the local beginnings of cancerous tissue by some health experts. It is imperative that such toxins should be constantly drained in the body's veins and lymphatic vessels and finally from the body. When these toxins are not excreted anyhow or properly, the possibility of cancer increases and other breasts problem increases.

Breast Sagging

A recent study of 4,700 women revealed that the women who wore bras had an increased chance of getting the breast cancer. It is quite possible that the constant pressure that the bra puts onto the breasts might limit the drainage of toxins, which needs to be released and this may result in increased cancer rate. Any amount of pressure that is more than the gentle can flatten the lymphatic vessel and restrict the toxic flow from the breasts. The Study revealed that the highest rate of breast cancer was found in those women who wore brasseries round the clock and the lowest rate in those who have never worn the brasseries. The conclusion was that that the women should wear brasseries for less than 12 hr a day as a safer side1

Breast Sagging

Massaging breasts with St. Botanica Breast Serum offer many benefits and can reduce the chances of getting cancerous problems. Benefits of massaging breasts with St. Botanica Breast Serum are extensive and include reduction in the stress, relieving muscle tension and evoke feelings of calmness and relaxation. There are many medical benefits that indicate massage as essential tool to make breasts firm, fuller and bigger and it is well documented.

St. Botanica contains potential herb Pueraria mirifica that penetrates the skin and nourishes the breasts from the root. It improves the overall structure of the breasts and makes them more attractive. Along with augmentation of the breasts, massaging your breasts with St. Botanica Breast serum will also offer you some great qualities such as; soothing, relaxing, healing, ceasing tensions and improving the blood circulation. It also relieves the stiffness, pain and enhances wellbeing while improve mental health.

(1) - Singer, Sydney Ross. Dressed to Kill: The Link Between Breast Cancer and Bras, Garden City Park, NY: Avery Pub. Group, 1995

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