Statins- A Great Treatment For Hypertension

High blood pressure is a very common problem these days. It is the most common ailment and has a significantly high percentage of occurrences. There are various drugs which help to reduce or cut down the cholesterol levels in body. Lowering of blood pressure also helps in many other problems, like reduction in the occurrence of strokes.

Statins are class of drugs which significantly reduce the blood pressure. Clinical trials have been conducted round the globe to ascertain the effect if statins and it was seen that there was a significant reduction in the blood cholesterol level among those people who took statins as compared to those people who took only placebo.

The best sold statin drug was atorvastatin (brand name- Lipitor), which had annual sales of 12.4 billion in 2003. Even today it is one of the most prolific selling drug and are leading sellers even till today. Now a number of generic versions have flowed in. Also there are many other new entrants in this class of drug like fluvastatin, luvastatin, rosuvastatin, simvastatin. Also now a number of combinations are available with these statins like (Vytorin- a combination of simvastatin and ezetimibe).

They generally inhibit the cholesterol forming enzyme HmGCoA reductase, which is a precursor in cholesterol formation. When this step is blocked there is no further cholesterol formation and hence there is decline in the level of cholesterol.

Statins have indeed been a life saving drug for human race and it has cut down the risk of strokes and heart diseases significantly. A lot of Pharma companies are increasing their focus on the manufacture of statins, owing to their wide-spread use across the world and their increasing popularity. Also as some of these blockbuster drugs are nearing their patent expiry, a number of generic companies have plans to float the generic versions of these drugs. This will cut down the price and also increase its use among the poorer and not well to do sections of the society.

Also these drugs have a good safety profile and it can be safely used among people who are suffering from other ailments.

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