Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II – Video Game Review

Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II is the sequel to the game by the same name which had a great storyline and amazing graphics to keep the player intrigued. Sadly, this isn’t true for The Force Unleashed II.

The game starts off with a flimsy storyline which does nothing to keep the player interested or do much to add to the strategy angle of the game. Darth Vader’s secret apprentice, Starkiller is back this time, with Vader trying to clone Starkiller.

The game begins with Darth Vader’s supposed clone of Starkiller escaping from the massive cloning laboratory. He tries to find his long lost love Juno and discover his true self and eliminate the clones of his own self.

The graphics are one good thing about the game especially the dual light sabers which you can use in a variety of stylish moves. Combat moves can be improvised to suit a variety of situations but all serve the same purpose and that is to chop off the limbs of the stormtroopers.

Force Grip allows players to choke and slam their enemies into a wall, electrifying an enemy to use him as a lightning bomb and slow motion impaling with the light sabers all make for satisfying game play.

The game lacks creativity perhaps due to the flimsy storyline that it is based upon. Entire armies of enemies including Sith Vanguards are flung at the player making combat irritating rather than encouraging the use of strategy by the player. This sort of crowding the player with enemies leads to frustration and can give the impression of a single long battle rather than a logical step.

The Force Unleashed II is a lot like the first game of the series and has similar problems with level design and the sudden extreme difficulty that it puts the player through. Overall the game seems to be designed so that it can milk the Star Wars franchise rather than be a valuable addition to it.

The game fails to build upon the potential of the first instalment of the game that was released earlier and also disappoints in its lack of imaginative storyline.

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