Spice Mi 310 Review

The all-new Spice Mi 310 is an affordably-priced bar type mobile phone that offers lots of glaring feats and specs at a very cost-effective price tag. Dimensionally measuring just 116 x60x11.95mm, the touch bar type phone tips the scales at 120 grams. On the features front, the phone comes built-in with a HVGA touchscreen of 3.15-inches or (8cms) along with single color screen. The built-in screen make the phone look more beautiful.

Spice Mi 310- Music & Audio Functionality

The Spice Mi 310 also keeps its users entertained with its music features such as a music player that users can use to groove in to their preferred audio tracks. The handset doesn’t have a FM radio. The music format of the Spice Mi 310 helps users enjoy viewing videos through the in-built MP4 player with an excellent sound & picture. The audio capabilities of Spice Mi 310 come in terms of Internal Vibrating Alert & Vibration MP3 Polyphonic.

Spice Mi 310 – Camera

The Spice Mi 310 has also been integrated with a camera of 2.0mp with digital zoom and video capture. The built-in camera allows users to capture brilliant & good quality videos and images. The phone is also embedded with a video recorder.

Spice Mi 310 – Memory

The Spice Mi 310 also boasts of having an internal memory of 85MB that can further be stretched to 16GB with the help of a T-Flash Card. The embedded memory of 16GB lets users hoard a large volume of valuable data. Besides, the built-in battery in the Spice Mi 310 offers users a satisfactory talktime and standby time.

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Spice Mi 310 Internet Features

The options of connectivity in the Spice Mi 310 are in terms of Bluetooth, GPRS and 3G, but the Java-enabled handset does not have the option of browsing.

Further feats of the Spice Mi 310 are SMS, downloadable games, speaker, headset, MP4 Player, USB cable port and etc.

The Spice Mi 310 is available to snap up in India at a price of Rs. 8,999, but do check the market before buying it as it varies state-to-state and town-to-town.

So, if you are on the lookout for a latest, greatest and cheapest mobile phone with basic features and budget-friendly price, the Spice Mi 310 would be an ideal option for you.

5 thoughts on “Spice Mi 310 Review

  1. Raj Vithalani says:

    this is a ridiculous review! Just some of the specs put in words!
    The camera is 2 mp…cant have brilliant pics and good quality vids.
    It certainly has browsing! its an adroid 3G plus it has wi-fi for god’s sake!

    • Ankit says:

      Dear Dharm; Will u plz elaborate further on the point where u hav told that this phone doesn’t hav the option of browsing.
      M not able to understand.
      Also can u plz tell me which phone is better if we want the good hardware and functions; MI 310 or Optimus 1 or Galaxy fit???
      I hav no problem with the cost but it shuld be worth it!!!
      Plz reply. thnx in advance.

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