Some Smart Suggestions On How To Make A Man Love You

 How To Make A Man Love YouDating a man that you love and making him love might seem a daunting task. Getting a man to love a girl is tougher than getting a girl to love a man. That’s because to make a man truly love a woman, and stay in love is considered a miracle in today’s times.

Men are biologically polygamous. But that does not mean that they can love many women. Unlike women, men cannot handle break-ups. They are not emotionally strong as women. Haven’t you known how the most ferocious men felt weak in their knees because of their woman? So, how do you make a man love you? Here are some tips.

Make Him Chase You

Do not seem very keen on him. Maintain a degree of aloofness. The more aloof you are, the more exclusive you become. The more exclusive you are, the more the man thinks that you are not everybody’s property, and the one who owns you will own you exclusively.

Do not try to seek attention, but yet do so. Dress the way you would like him to notice you. You need to understand what his preferences are. He might like the way you dress, and or the way you laugh. He might even like the way you do not look at him. That’s because he feels that you are a tough nut to crack. And if gets you, then he gets someone who is difficult to get. Men like conquests. You should become his conquest.

So what happens if he doesn’t chase you? Don’t worry. He might not be the initiating types. You can confidently approach him and have general banter. Do not by any means talk anything romantic. Just strike a conversation and become friendly. Even after that if he does not show interest in you, then you need to wait for some more time.

Let Him Know that You are Worth Pursuing

Let him know that you have other male friends as well. But also let him know that you are a special one. Don’t say it in words. Rather, say it in your actions, and body language. Don’t just garner friends to show him that you have many male friends. Be friendly to everyone.

You might go out someday. By no means, do not mention of any past affairs. Do not say that this person proposed to you, and this person loved you. Men are egoistic by nature. Some have rudimentary egos. Some have medium ones. Some have giant egos. After all, if men were not egoistic, then how would they fight battles? So you should understand this fact. If you speak about other men, then the man of your dreams might start avoiding you.

Be Beautiful

Maintain hygiene always. Have neat hair and clear skin. Be well-dressed. Smell nice. Be beautiful. Talk confidently. Be feminine. Maintain composure always. Walk with confidence. Don’t try too hard to be something. Let it come to you.

 How To Make A Man Love You

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You might not be in your best hairdo or dress always. There might be bad hair days. You could have got sunburn over the weekend. Your skin might not be looking as great as you would have liked. But this should not affect the way you talk to him. You man will love you if you are comfortable in your own skin. For he will it as the way you judge him.

He will feel that if you are comfortable with how you look, you will also be comfortable with the way he looks. So the pressure on him to look good is less. Ultimately you and he want to love each other for the kind of people you are, and not the way you each other look. So try to inspire your confidence not from your looks, but your personality.

Compliment Your Man

Your man will love compliments that you shower on him. Compliment on his character, personality more. It does not matter if you complement on his looks. But your man will find complimenting his inner strengths and qualities very attractive to hear. And yes, he will slowly love to love you.

Men like women who see through them. If you can see the best qualities of your man, he will love you for it. He will feel appreciated, and more confident. You will give a fresh lease of hope and inspiration to him. And he will find you to be that emotional support that he needs.

Once he starts to feel you in that way, you can take a break. For he will be the one who will start chasing you from now on! Convention has it, that only women like to get complimented. New-age social scientists have discovered that the modern-day man likes compliments too.

Make the First Move

Don’t wait for your man to make the first move. But do not make the first move before doing all of the above. If you meet a man, and suddenly make the first move, it might be seen as an act of serial infidelity. You need to allow the man to have feelings for you, before making the first move.

Your man might not read your feelings. He might be apprehensive about making the first move. You could set things right, by doing it yourself. There is no harm in it. You would only made things easier for him. Now, making the first move is no more a man’s prerogative. It is a woman’s too. If you want the man you love,
what’s the harm?

Don’t Change Him

Don’t ask him to change much. Just love him the way he is. If you ask him to change a lot, then you are giving him an indication that if you get someone else with such qualities, you might leave him. Even if you want to change some of his behaviors and mannerisms, do it once you establish a strong relationship. Don’t do it at the start itself. He will feel intruded.

Smile More

Your man will love to see you smile at him. Even if you are not a smiler by nature, do it for him. Enjoy his jokes, and conversations. Laugh heartily and lovingly.

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