Social Networking And Media Apps For Widows Mobiles

In the  market there are numerous apps for iPhones and Android phones. But when it comes to Windows mobile then there are limitations. There are thousands and thousands of social networking apps for the iPhone and Androids, but you have very few options for windows mobiles.

The one reason behind this many be that windows mobile not as popular within the mainstream of mobile users as iPhones and Androids. Still there is a comprehensive library of apps that are freely available to the Windows mobiles.

If you are using windows mobile and searching for some social media and networking apps, then here we are ready with some popular options. We are describing 10 best free social media and networking apps for your windows mobile.

You can get these apps free of cost and enjoy the networking and media on your windows mobile. Check out the list below:

1. Facebook

This app will allows you to keep up with the latest news and posts from your Facebook friends. You can access your facebook account through this app and send messages or post on the wall as per your requirements. You can show your friends what you are upto insistently while you are out and about by updating your status and uploading photos and videos on it.

2.Twitter for Windows Mobile

It is a screen widget for posting to your twitter account. It is written in C++ to keep posting to Twitter very quick and lightweight.

3. FriendFeed for WinMo

It is a social networking app to stay in touch with your friends.

4. NimbuzzMobile

It is a complete All-in-one app for Widow based mobiles that allows for free calls, instant messaging, file sharing and status updates.

5. YouTube for Mobile

It is a simple, fairly fast and well designed application for a variety of Windows mobile phones that support landscape and portrait views.

6. Bebo for Windows Mobile

With this app, you can post status updates from your friends list. You can also send them messages and call any one of your friend existing in the list. You can also upload your pictures on it.

7. MySpace for Windows Mobile 

It is a free application that let users stay connected with their friends through this social networking site.

8. plugin for Windows mobile

This is a very useful app if you are using your windows mobile to browse the net often. Just like if you were browsing on your desktop or laptop and you want to share or save a bookmark to Delicious you simply click the Delicious button on your mobile and your done.

9. Vayoo Social Box Lite

It is an application that combines social networking, media syncing, multimedia messaging and private communities in an easy to use mobile application.

10. Glympse

This app is the easy way to safely share your location in real-time with others. You can send a Glympse to anyone through email or SMS.

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