3 Tips And Positions For Slow Sex

Tips And Positions For Slow Sex

God has created slow sex as the best tonic for committed relationship. Slow sex would be increasing heightened sensitivity and love in their sex acts. Slow sex will help woman have a multiple orgasms and males would be wondering ways to have slow sex in this modern racy world. This article focuses on tips to have an improved slow sex that would help your woman clings to you even after steamy encounter has ended. This article also would give a detailed position analysis that will help in romantic slow sex.


Fixed Time To Practice Slow Sex

Slow sex is exactly opposite to quickie sex. Pleasure will be intensified with slow sex, while passion will be intensified with quickie sex. The key to slow sex is to develop a sense of trust with your partner. If you are doing sex with fear of being caught; the chances of doing quickie sex will be higher than slow sex.

The first step to understand the concept of slow sex is to become fully aware of your body while doing sexual acts. You should be focusing on what your body is trying to do rather than getting excited fully with your partner’s body. That will slow down the nervous excitement and will lead to slow sex.

You should be doing sexual acts at a fixed time to practice slow sex. The place can be regular for slow sex to be practiced. Once you and your partner become experts in slow sex, you can try this act in different rooms. You should be switching off your phones and you should be switching off electronic distractions like computer and TV to concentrate fully on slow sex.

You can even write on a diary to have sexual act with your partner on so and so time. Both partners should be making arrangements to look after children and that children should not be used as an excuse for quickie sex. Men should be thinking of a sexual act including foreplay to last more than 45 minutes .That will help women to be fully aroused and lead to a good female orgasm. Slow sex in a time frame will help you to concentrate on the how sex is done rather than concentrating on what you do.

Good Foreplay Before Slow Sex

You should be looking into your partner’s eyes while you are standing or sitting. Make sure that you are facing your partner while initiating this act. Then you should be placing your hand over your partners heart and breathe together. Make sure that you breathe slowly and that will intensifies the urge to slow sex. Your inhaling and exhaling should be done in slow steps. You can slowly start caressing and kissing to have a good foreplay before slow sex. You can keep your clothes on while doing this act.

Lead To Quickie Sex

Foreplay methods used in slow sex is more different. Here you should be thinking of a method to prolong the act rather than just jumping to bed quicker and finish quicker. You should be taking your partners hand and caressing it, while giving it a smooth kiss. The kisses on faces and necks should be more of nibbling rather than of intense and that can lead to a slow buildup which will help slow sex. You can whisper and hug each other but make sure that you do not rub each others genital areas in a harder stroke as that can lead to an increased blood flow and stimulation and that can lead to quickie sex. Massaging should be done on neutral sensitive areas and that will surely lead to slow sex.

The key to slow sex is to prolong the disrobing process in sex acts. Both partner should not be becoming naked faster and should be prolonging the process for more than 20 minutes. Make sure that you disrobe slowly and help should be extended to your partner to disrobe slowly. You can take one cloth at a time and have a small fore play before proceeding to other clothes. Make sure that you make proper eye contact with your partner’s naked areas and comment something positive to have a prolonged slow sex. You should be also encouraging your partner to explore your areas and give showering kisses. You should be also whispering how much you like these acts from your partner and this will lead to a very effective slow sex.

You can rub each other’s legs and this foreplay will lead to slow sex. You should whisper in your partners ears that you are going to prolong the act till sunrise tomorrow and that will help your partner to adjust to the needs of slow sex. You can concentrate on each other’s neck and chest and should rub it slowly. You should make your partner lie down while doing this simple massage and make sure that you avoid sensitive areas in beginning.

The key to slow sex is to remove the term “junk  sex “from your bedroom. You and your partner would be normally thinking of orgasm and male partner would be thrusting harder to unload him. For a male to arouse after ejaculation, it would take at least 45 minutes and males should be remembering this in sex act. That would help them to attain mental discipline to slow sex and they would be thinking not to premature ejaculate.

Sexual Positions For Slow Sex

The positions that encourage a deep penetration and thrust are missionary and rear entry position. When you are doing slow sex it is advisable to avoid these positions. You should be looking to penetrate vagina to an inch or two and you should be stopping the thrust for a minute. Then you should slowly withdraw your [email protected] and place it over clitoris to stimulate slow sex. You should be reentering her on the positions that has been described below and make sure that you do shallow sex more without concentrating too much on deep penetrative sex to have a mind blowing orgasm on slow sex. You should be also willing to thrust gently after you have ejaculated to prolong the pleasure of slow sex.

There are good sexual positions for slow sex. Side by side is the best position to begin slow sex. You should be entering your partner from side and once inside you should lie still without thrusting. To prolong erection, you should be concentrating on foreplays like caressing her breasts from behind and doing some good breast sex acts. You can cuddle and give some soft kisses on behind and make sure that you do it in a slow manner rather than be excited and just taking off. As time progresses, you can start rubbing her clitoris and encourage her for thrusting. You should make sure that you do not go for deep penetration in the beginning and should be concentrating just on shallow sex and that will increases slow sex pleasure.

Missionary sex position can be used with a variation to have a sensual slow sex. Male should be entering woman on missionary position and female should be spreading her legs apart in ‘V’ shape. Then she should lift her legs and place around the male waist and roll over to have an intense slow sex in side to side position. That will also help to reduce the friction on male genital and will help to prolong the excitement and will lead to a passionate slow sex.

Passionate Slow Sex

Sitting sex positions can be used for a romantic session of slow sex. These positions are ideal for partners looking for some intimacy in sexual acts. You can sit on a kitchen chair and allow your female partner to enter you. Female partner should be encouraged to keep her leg on floor. You should not be dragging her to thrusting and you should concentrate on giving her an ideal breast sex and that will intensify the passion. So to break the rhythm, you should be removing yourself from breast sex and that will lead to a good slow sex.

Start Again To Have A Prolonged Slow Sex

Male partner should be sitting at the edge of bed to have an intense slow sex. The feet should be on floor, while the shoulders should be placed apart. Encourage your female partner to sit on your lap and also encourage her to place her legs in bed behind you. The woman should be encouraged to decide on the angle and depth of penetration as you both will be lead to a fruitful slow sex as male would find it difficult to explode faster. Moreover this position will lead to a good female orgasm and will help for greater intimacy between partners.

Male partner should be sitting on bed with his legs spread apart in a kneeling position. Allow the female partner to enter you with her legs wide apart and help her to place her kegs behind you in bed. You should be using your hands to caress her buttocks and to support her. You should help her enter you and you can cradle her to sensual kiss and slow down and then start again to have a prolonged slow sex.

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