Sleeping Disorders And Ways To Correct Them

Different Types of Sleeping DisordersSleeping disorders are some of the common problems affecting our day to day life and sleep is a natural treatment of our body to keep it energetic and moving through the while day. There has to be a proper balance of sleeping in our life is not sleeping is bad then too much of sleeping is also treated as a disorder.

Lack of sleep or any kind of change in normal sleeping routine certainly points towards some internal or external problem in our body. Thus sleeping disorders can be treated as signals of our body to show that there is something wrong with our body. Sleeping disorder should not be taken casually and should be taken care of as quickly as possible. Let us check out what all types of sleeping disorders affect us.

Types of sleeping disorders

Generally there are two types of sleeping disorders which are Hyposomnia (less of sleep) and Hypersomnia(Excessive sleeping). Lack of sleep that is Hyposomnia is more harmful than Hypersomnia and main sleeping disorders fall in the first category only. We need to be aware of these sleeping disorder characters in order to correct them.


This is the most common and prevalent sleeping disorder which affects us. The main symptom of insomnia is that even if we try our level best we do not get to sleep and we just keep on tossing and turning in the bed. Sleep remains far away from pour eyes.
In this disorder the patient becomes all the more happy and energetic due to lack of sleep. This way the person does not feel like sleeping at all.

Early Morning Awakening

This disorder of early morning awakening involves the habit of getting up very early from sleep may be say at 3-4 o’clock. Although getting up early is a good habit but getting up so early is bad because in this sleeping disorder you do not sleep back again even if you try your best.

Sleep Walking

In this disorder the person starts walking while he is sleeping. He does not realise that he is walking and does not even know where he is going. This kind of disorder of sleep walking generally occurs during the Stage 4 of our sleep. During this time the person will start walking and will not even remember that he had done this after getting up.

Sleep Terror or Nightmares

In this sleeping disorder the person gets up suddenly and starts feeling scared of something or he sees bad dreams while sleeping which make him scared and he gets up in a state of fright. Mainly the people who have faced some bad incidents in life suffer from this kind of problem. Nightmares are just another version of what they have gone through in real life and those incidents keep them haunting while sleeping too, so they feel scared and get up suddenly with a shrill cry or get frightened.

Buxisim or Night Grinding

In this case the patient starts grinding his teeth while sleeping. If the person keeps on doing this frequently it results in continues rubbing of teeth against each other and thus they get damaged and become more sensitive due to excessive pressure on them. In order to save your teeth from this kind of damage dentists make Guards for teeth which are kept between your teeth so that if the patient rubs the teeth while sleeping the teeth do not get damaged.

Anatomy of Sleep

It is very important to know which all organs are involved while sleeping and make us sleep well. Hypothalamus is the organ having a bunch of neurons which controls the circadian rhythm of sleep. It also controls and stimulates the chemicals responsible for making us sleep and waking us up. Thalamus is the part of brain which blocks all the glands and tells our brain to recall all the old incidents which have happened in our life.

Pituitary gland secretes hormone called Melatonin which is responsible for making us sleep calmly. Hippocampus lobe is that part of brain where the old incidents and memories start replaying when we sleep. It is also called the sub-conscious mind and starts working during REM sleep. Retina has some nerves which get activated by the sensitivity of light and not by vision. This is directly related to sleeping and getting up.

Difference between Deep and Light sleep

Light sleep is the one which gets disturbed by slight sound only and this kind of sleep gets disturbed after every 2 hours and they do not get to sleep well. While deep sleep does not gets broken for 3-4 hours together. Your eyes will not open before 3-4 hours and then only it is deep sleep and it is very necessary for our body to get proper rest.

Correct time for sleeping

The best time to sleep is from 10 o’clock in the night to 6 in the morning. One or half an hour over and above this does not matter, but if you are into the habit of sleeping very late at night then you need a longer sleep to feel fresh in the morning,. Some people work throughout the whole night and sleep during the day which is very harmful for them. A short nap during the day time is fine rather it is called the Power nap as it is very helpful in refreshing our body for the rest of the day. But it should not be a habit, just take a nap if you are not able to sleep properly during the night or if you are feeling very tired during the day. The napping time should be anywhere from one hour to thirty minutes , but is the nap is longer than this then it will be difficult for you to sleep at night.

Our body works according to the sun and the body clock works according to the sunlight. That is why when sun tries we get up and when it sets we go off to sleep. Some people do the opposite they work the whole night and sleep during the day, it is fine if you make it a routine and adjust your body clock according to his routine, but if the routine keeps on changing time and again then it is harmful for our body.

Right way to Sleep

The right way to sleep is the one where your body and mind gets best rest. You can sleep straight on your back or can sleep on your one side. Sleeping on your one side reduces the possibility of snoring and you can sleep on any side to avoid snoring. Some people keep on changing sides but some sleep on just one side and just change their posture once or twice only while sleeping. All these ways will help you in finding the disorder which is causing disturbed sleep and you can cure them with the help of.

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