Simple And Easy Home Remedies For Indigestion

IndigestionOne of the quite frequent occurring health issues among a mass of people is that of indigestion. Though it might not be a serious hazard to the fitness and health of the person, it is definitely a reason to feel uncomfortable, irritated as well as bloated. Indigestion is also one of the health crises that can hamper mental peace and have negative impact on your daily schedule.

Prolonged issues of indigestion can be harmful for the body health too. Along with this, indigestion can lead to various other problems if it is not treated on time. The idea is to adhere to home cures and remedies which are 100 percent safe, simple and cheap to follow as compared to the medications and drugs that the body can slowly get immune to.

Once you are sure of the effectiveness of home remedies, the next challenge is to look for only those out of the uncountable options that guarantees visible outcomes and instant relief. This guide below does the work for you and all you need to do is make your pick according to the needs and suitability.

Make sure that you choose at least more than one remedy if you want triggered and faster results for treating indigestion. Following them on a regular basis without fail is another thing that you should not avoid.

Home Remedies For Indigestion

Ginger and Lime Effects

For those who are suffering from indigestion on a regular note, should know that you need to have an effective home remedy in hand after the heavy meals that can treat the problem instantly and as soon as it occurs. Lime and ginger are two of the products that are easily available in the kitchen and serves as an ideal home remedy.


All you need is fresh juice of lime and ginger. About two tablespoons of both with do. Mix in some honey and add this to a glass of warm water. Have it after a heavy meal or any other meal and see how wonderfully it keeps indigestion at bay. Ginger can also be taken as slices with a little salt and chewed upon for a proper home remedial measure of indigestion. This is again going to be something that gives you visible results in a short span of time.

Orange Wonders

One of the simplest remedies to get a cure for indigestion is to adhere to an orange after every meal. The high fiber and vitamin C content will have load of benefits for the body along with helping you achieve your goals. It also helps in providing rest to the digestive organs thus making it easier to treat indigestion.

Have Good Amounts of Water

Having water will flush out the toxins as well as balance the PH of the stomach by cleaning away the acid that causes indigestion. It is one of the cheapest home remedies to follow which has uncountable other benefits for the body as well.

Drink water

For those who are facing the problem, it is recommended to drink at least 10-12 glasses of water each day. This is definitely going to give satisfying outcomes. Take water in sips for maximum advantage. You can also include other healthy liquids with water to trigger the results.

Teas that Help

You can have a cup or two of chamomile tea or green tea if you have issues of indigestion. This regulates the system as well as flush out the stomach acids and toxins that actually cause the problem in the first place. Make some fresh tea at home to get maximum benefits. A little honey can be added for taste. Use chamomile flowers for the preparation of the former. These have dual benefits of keeping good health and detoxifying the body as well apart from curing indigestion.

Aloe Vera Juice

Aloe vera juice

A little Aloe Vera Juice early in the morning on an empty stomach is a good idea where home remedies for indigestion are concerned. Aloe Vera juice regulates the functioning of the digestive system as well as soothes the stomach well by striking a balance of the PH levels.

Pineapple Juice

Take some fresh pineapple juice everyday if you have indigestion caused due to stomach acids. It is an effective, easy and affordable home remedy for the crisis especially during the season of this fruit.

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Aniseeds Benefits

All you need to do is chew some aniseeds after every meal if you want a simple and easy treatment for indigestion at home. Aniseeds are easily available at the departmental stores. This makes it all the more alluring to adhere to this home cure.

Coriander Advantages

Add some powdered or crushed coriander seeds to a glass of buttermilk and consume once in a day to get the right remedy for indigestion treatment.


You can also add some coriander juice to the buttermilk to get the same results. It provides immediate relief from the cramps and other signs of indigestion.

Ice Pack

For the relief from certain signs of indigestion especially thee pain and cramps try and put an ice pack on the stomach and the affected areas. This is going to provide some relief from the problem and bring down the severe symptoms that sometimes become difficult to bear.

Baking Soda

About a teaspoon of baking soda in a glass of water can be consumed each day if you want relief and freedom from the ugly situations of indigestion. It will help you especially with the benefit of instant results.

Peppermint Extracts

Peppermint Extracts

A few drops of peppermint extract in a glass of water is another demanded home remedy for the cure of indigestion. It should be taken as soon as you start feeling the symptoms of the problem. It soothes the stomach as well as regulates the system well for your advantage.

Cumin Powder

A teaspoon of cumin powder in a glass of water is a home treatment for those who are looking for the right and 100 percent safe cure for indigestion. It is also something that needs no preparation and therefore can be followed without spending too much time on preparation.

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