Side Effects Of Ibuprofen On Excess Consumption

Side Effects Of IbuprofenIn our day to day life, we are subjected to the symptoms of pain caused due to arthritis, gout, or even head ache, dental pain, menstrual cramps; muscle pain, common cold or flu. In order to get immediate relief, instead of going in for medical prescription some people commit the mistake of consuming over-the counter drugs like Ibuprofen, which is considered as non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID).

Ibuprofen blocks production of certain natural substances that cause inflammation. Thus helps to reduce swelling, pain or fever. However, taken in excess of body’s need may lead to a number of side effects as explained below.

Side Effects Of Ibuprofen


Illusionary sights and sounds are experienced. The victim of over dose sees what is not and hears sounds inaudible to others. His skin may generate phantom sensation.

Drowsiness and Coma

Consciousness levels get distorted Minor side effects of Ibuprofen may be a feeling of mild or severe drowsiness, while the major the major effects may be marked in the shape of Coma or Seizures.


It has also been observed that excess consumption of Ibuprofen may lead to disruption in the regular heart beat of the victim of over dose. It is marked by the symptoms of Bradycardia, in which case the heart beat of the victim slows down.

Alternatively the victim may experience irregular heart beating. Due to slowing down of normal heart beating, required amount of oxygen may not be supplied to the body cells. This in turn may cause irregular functioning of brain that may even result in memory distortion. In a prolonged situation, damage to the brain may also be caused.

Postural Hypotension

It is experienced by the victim, while coming to standing position from sitting or lying down positions.

effects of excess consumption of ibuprofen

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In such situation the blood pressure of the victim suddenly falls down due the abrupt change of position. The physical symptoms associated with hypotension are losing consciousness abruptly, light-heartedness or dizziness.

Difficulty in Breathing

It is another physical discomfort that may be caused due to excess intake of Ibuprofen. This will force the victim to breathe deeply and rapidly. In the extreme case of excess intake of Ibuprofen, respiratory failure may also be caused.


It is another physical symptom likely to be caused due to excess intake of Ibuprofen. A feeling of disorientation may also be experienced by the victim as a psychological effect. Unpredictable mood fluctuation may be another significant observation. Tortured with restlessness, the victim may be made to resort to some actions not required at that moment.

Cramps may be felt in stomach. Tremors in functioning of the muscle may also be experienced. Upset stomach, nausea, head ache diarrhea, constipation are other side effects.

In case you observe the following symptoms, it would be the best to resort to proper medical aids. Unexplained weight gain, stiff neck, change in amount of urine, change in vision loss of appetite, abdominal pain yellowish eyes or skin allergic reaction swelling of face, rash itching etc.

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