Seven Sexual Fantasies That Women Dream About

top Sexual Fantasies of womenWho does not fantasise about sex be it man or woman everyone has some or the other sexual fantasy. So let us accept this fact that all of us being human beings think about sex and day dream too. Be it working woman or a housewife everyone day dreams about sex and these day dreaming escapades are generally called as Sexual Fantasies.

Sexual fantasies are the thing related to sex which we dream of in the virtual world and think of doing with our partner. It is perfectly normal to dream about sexual fantasies there is nothing wrong in it. Rather studies have suggested that women or men who day dream about sex have quite better and active sexual life.

Generally talking or thinking of sex is considered as a taboo but sexologists say that if you are thinking of sex then it is perfectly normal and this shows how active you are sexually. But this does not mean that if a person dreams of sex all the time is perfectly normal, then this is called Sexual Obsession.

There is a very thin line between sexual fantasy and sexual obsession and we need to know about this fine line, so that we might not be termed as sexually obsessed. So let us check out top five fantasies which rule women’s mind and them dream of and try to interpret these fantasies.

Getting over powered

This is most common among women and sometimes men also want to be over powered by women. It might sound a bit unrealistic, but yes some men feel good being dominated by their wives while doing sex and they really enjoy it. Being submissive and surrendering to your partners gives a new kind of pleasure.

Sometimes it gives a real time sexual high especially in men and women generally want to be dominated during the sexual encounter so that they can feel the taste of being over powered by their partner. Same way men also like it, the reason may be they want to get out of the normal routine sex and try something new and wild. This kind of fantasy where you want to be dominated by your partner shows that you want to be free and enjoy your freedom to the fullest.

Planning a Triad

It is really shocking for you to read but yes women do want a threesome whole some and most of the women want to have a triad. Where there are two men vying for her attention, this makes them feel special and being more loved. Women generally dream about having sex with two men together many times for experimenting and it interprets that they want to be in lime light and are desperate for more love.

Mainly the attention seekers have such kind of fantasies where they are dying for love and attention of their partner. If they dream of two women and a men this means that they love and enjoy the attention their partner gets form other women. This kind of fantasy tells us about how women love to be showered with as much love as we can on them.

Planning a dream sexual trip

Generally women just keep on dreaming a sexual trip with their life partner after marriage and just honeymoon is the only sexually enjoyable period they remember with their life partner. This simply suggests that woman needs a break from the routine sex and wants to have free sex with the life partner at new and unexplored location without any hassles and disturbance.

Sex escapade in the past with partner

It might sound a bit silly and out dated but yes women do dream about the best sexual escapades they had with their life partner and believe it or not this is a great turn on too. Although it is said that normal is boring but thinking of sexy and wild sexy encounters with your spouse is what women mostly think of and it really excites them sexually. This simply says that being close to your current partner is the biggest turn on for them. So men should know that their women dream about them during the day and they want their full attention and love.

Dreaming of something really wild

Some women do not even think of holding their horses while dreaming of having sex with their partner in the wildest way. They just start imagining the wildest things they can in their dream. Talking about these wild imaginations with your partner or sharing it with him will make your sex life as wild as your dreams. This certainly means that you are looking and waiting for a wild sexual escapade with your partner for long.

Thinking of another woman

Another shocking fact about sexual fantasy, yes women do think of getting up close to other women and let us not draw conclusions that they are lesbians or there is something wrong with them, it is perfectly normal if women think of having sexual escapade with another woman. This just tells us about their open and broad mentality and this does not mean that they really want to have sex with another woman.

In simple words this just means that the women who dream of getting sexually intimate with women want to explore more avenues and are open for any kind of pleasure while having sex. Do not interpret it in a wrong way and start doubting their sexual well being, it is perfectly normal to think of another women by a women.

Sex with another man

It is another great turn on for women to dream of having sex with not with your partner only but to have it with another man. This other man can be your friend, colleague or celebrity or any other man. This does not say that you want to cheat on your life partner, it simply suggests that your want to explore more avenues related to sex and do not feel bounded by limitations. Regular is not boring for you meaning having sex with your real partner is still good but sometimes thinking of other men gives a new high while having sex.

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