5 Ways To Seduce Her With Clitoral Massage

Ways To Seduce Her With Clitoral Massage

Clitoral massage is an art that should be mastered by male partner to drive her wild and lead to female orgasm. The reason why clitoral massage is an important foreplay technique is that many consider clitoris as the most erotic spot of female and most underused erogenous zone of female. Any sexual encounter without clitoral stimulation can be also considered as incomplete and this article focuses on clitoral massage tips that will drive your female partner wild.

5 Clitoral Massages That You Should Try

Sensual Clitoral Stimulation

You should be having a clear understanding of female erogenous zones and you should be arousing her completely. You can have a breast sex with her to make sure that she becomes completely moist between her legs. Relax her and undress her completely. Make sure that you have clean hands and your nails are trimmed. You should be making sure that you get your female partner in right mood by concentrating on female erogenous areas that will lead to sensual clitoral stimulation.

Starts the process of clitoral massage by rubbing the inner thighs of female partner and then slowly start massaging buttocks and outer labia. You can insert a glove on your hand if you feel and also add water based lube on your gloves. Then you should be concentrating on the glands of clitoris, and you should be watching the clitoris. You should be aware of the color of clitoris, and you should start massaging the outer labia, perineum, and inner labia and then kiss on vagina before getting your concentration back on clitoris.

Kiss On Vagina Before Getting Your Concentration

You should run your hands through her silky pubic hair and if she is shaved, you can easily stroke the outer labia. Then you should massage the side of clitoris and above of clitoris. Make sure that you make your female partner’s clitoris erect and swollen for better clitoral massage. You should be refreshing the lube to make sure that you maintain moistness in clitoral area.

Clitoral massage can be done in many ways. The best way is to arouse her fully before starting clitoral massage. Using your hands is the best way to give good clitoral massage. The best way to start rubbing clitoris is to touch the clitoris low and down near the urethra part of female partner and rub it around in a circular motion like rubbing a ball.

Clitoral Massage Positions


You can use your forefinger tip to run small circles over the glans and you should press firmly on the mons area with one hand. Then you should stroke the clitoris with other hand.The shaft of clitoris should be sucked and played with for better clitoral massage. Allow the glans to protect the hood till she is fully aroused and that will lead to better sex. When you arouse her, you should be using your hands for better clitoral stimulation like stroking the glans in a circular motion that is tighter and faster. You should take your female clitoris between your forefingers and you should be stroking it from left to right by concentrating on shaft area.

Clitoral massage positions that lead to powerful orgasm

You can pull your female partner on to her knees by sliding behind her. You should be teasing her by drawing her to your chest and make sure that she is fully aroused. You should use your hands to start the process of massaging the clitoris. You can do the side to side and diagonal strokes and the pressure applied should vary with women. You can make sure that vaginal area is moist and then you should think of sliding your finger to vagina while stimulating clitoris. Both vaginal and clitoris massage will lead to a better clitoral stimulation.

Female Partner Sit Between Your Legs

You should make your female partner sit between your legs. Then you should be placing your lubricated fingers over her clitoris. It is ideal to place two fingers over her clitoris. Then you should be rubbing clitoris in slow circles and you should be ready to vary position and pressure until she starts screaming with joy. Make sure that she does not scream out with pain and continue these steps till she masturbates to orgasm. Then you should be placing her clitoral hood between your two fingers and should be rubbing the clitoris up and down in a consistent speed.

You can try vaginal penetration with your first two fingers and you should be placing your thumb over clitoris. Make sure that you rub clitoris in a circular manner by sliding in your two fingers inside vagina. This can lead to intense clitoral stimulation and will lead to an intense orgasm.

Clitoris massage can be done by tickling the clitoris area. Make sure that you use a feather to tickle the clitoris. Then take the clitoral massage forward by inserting the thumb inside vagina. Curl the palm over clitoris and rest the finger on her pubic bone for better clitoral massage. You should be massaging clitoris by rubbing with palm while your thumb finger should be pressing G-spot.

You should lie on your side by placing your hand over her vulva. The base of your palm should be used to press on her pubic mound. It would be a great feeling if she has shaved her pubic area. The fingers should start exploring her vagina and make sure that she is aroused fully with breast sex. You can insert two fingers and rub clitoris and G-spot inside vagina.

Steam Clitoral Massage

Make her cross legs and thrust her pelvis against your stomach for better clitoris massage. Then start pressing her hard against your soft belly and slowly spread her backwards and grab her buttocks with one hand and massage clitoris using other hand. Then make her sit lie on bed and rub her clitoris using a small towel .The rubbing should start from her legs and should move towards top and should stop at her breast only. Then start rolling down to her legs and that will stimulate her very well.

This article focused on tips to give her a steam clitoral massage. You should take lessons from your female partner about ways to massage her as other positions not mentioned in this article will drive her wild. The key is to maintain open communication with your partner.

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    Seducing according to me is an art and seducing with clitoral massage requires experience. You may not be successful in your first attempt but yes, you can sure be successful if you follow these tips carefully.

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