Sauna Bath: The Best Way To Stop Ageing

In today’s fast; life where everything is becoming mechanical we do not have time to cook healthy food for ourselves, there is no time to take a nice sun bath or take a walk in the pollution free air in the morning, we just sit in front of the TV or computer maximum time and thus feeling stressed from morning till the evening.

As if the pollution-less and calmness of the atmosphere is lost somewhere. In such atmosphere if someone can give you few moments which are completely tension free which not only make you feel relaxed but also keep you fit and make you beautiful too then who would like to miss those moments and these moments are perfectly given by something called Sauna Bath.

Sauna Bath

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What is Sauna Bath?

It works on the basic mantra of “Look good, Lose weight and Feel great”. Since it is a perfect combination of making you feel great by making you lose weight and beautiful it is the best way to stop ageing cycle or rather slow down the speed of aging in our lives.

This is done by sauna bath by following a simple funda of saving us from dust and dirt filled environment by giving us clean and fresh atmosphere and thus making the atmosphere tension free. Sauna bath removes the toxins from our body thus increasing the blood circulation in our body and thus improving our performance and working tendency.

“Sauna” is a Finnish word which means a room where warm rocks are showered with water with the help of water fountains which helps in generating steam in the room. You can lower down or increase the temperature of the room according to your requirement. The temperature can be easily altered according to the need.

Sauna bath is not only effective in relaxing your body but also helps in different types of therapies to cure different diseases too. The bath opens the pores of our skin and the toxins are thus able to move out of our body with sweat and this improves the blood circulation of our body, thus making our skin healthy and glowing. The dead cells are also removed from the skin with this bath thus making us look younger with fresh and new skin.

Wet Sauna Bath

Sauna Bath

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In this wet sauna bath the temperature of the steam room is lower than the dry sauna bath. The temperature maintained in the steam room is in the range of 110-115 degree Fahrenheit or 37-40 degrees centigrade. It saves our skin from burning due to warm water.

Dry Sauna Bath

Sauna Bath

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The only difference is that here the steam room is at higher temperature than wet sauna bath.

Sauna Room

Fixed sauna bath room is the best for sauna bath. To make a sauna room Best quality of pine wood is used and the wooden panel has Tongue and groove joints which take care of the expansion and the contractions of the panels.

The main accessories of any sauna room consist of Sand timer, Water kit, Ladle, Heater guard, Towel racks, Row hooks, head rest and light cover speaker boxes made of pine wood.

Sauna Bath

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Beauty experts say that sauna bath is the best treatment for relaxing and pampering both mind bad body. They say since there is excessive sweating during sauna bath so the skin pores open and thus the skin gets deep cleaned and toned with the help of this bath. These days mostly all the health spa, gym and health clubs arrange Steam bath, floral bath, aromatic bath or Jacuzzi baths for their customers.

Skin is the most delicate and the largest organ of the body area wise and in today’s environment less of physical activity makes sour skin lose its glow. The skin is exposed to a lot many chemicals in detergents, soap, perfumes, deodorants and dust and dirt too. In such case sauna bath is the most effective way to relax both the body and mind by giving a soothing effect to the skin.

It also helps in throwing out the toxins from our body thus helping in reducing the fat of the body. A 15-20 minute session of sauna bath requires around 200-400 calories which is equal to taking a walk for 1-2 hours. Thus it is very effective way of losing weight and losing fat from our body thus making us feel fit. Thus a single sauna bath keeps you fresh for a long time.

Things to take care before taking sauna bath

Pregnant women n should avoid taking sauna bath.

Heart patients who suffer from high blood pressure or low blood pressure or any other serious disease which might aggravate due to sauna bath should avoid taking sauna bath. Sauna bath can have negative effect on these people so they should consult their doctor before taking one.

The time span of sauna bath should also be decided by your doctor.
People who consume alcohol or take any medicines, they should also consult their doctor before taking the sauna bath.

Do not take a bath for more than 15-20 minutes in one go because the high temperature of the sauna room can dehydrate your skin if you will take the bath for longer time. In order to save your skin from dehydration drink a lot of water after the sauna bath.

Health Benefits of sauna bath

It is an effective way to reduce pain in muscles and joints because the warm steam increases the blood circulation and thus relaxing the body muscles and making them stress free. It is beneficial for people suffering from insomnia too. Sauna bath also helps in boosting the infection fighting tendency of our body.

When the temperature of the sauna room rises, the bacteria and the viruses present in our body get killed thus saving us from diseases like sinusitis, bronchitis and laryngitis. Some people use sauna bath for keeping their body fit and healthy while others use sauna bath for mental well being and making their body look beautiful by making their skin glow. Thus sauna bath is beneficial for all the people in many ways and can be taken at any good spa or he; lath club to get a beautiful and healthy body and mind too.

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