6 Sari Trends To Suit Your Body Type And Skin Tone

Sari Trends To Suit Your Body Type And Skin ToneSari is a traditional Indian outfit that symbolizes grace and beauty. Sari has been around for ages yet never goes out of fashion. The best thing about a sari is that it can fit almost any and every occasion. From traditional functions and festivals to glamorous parties and glitzy events – the humble sari is a hit always. What’s more Bollywood celebs like Aishwarya Rai, Sonam Kapoor, Kareena Kapoor and many more choose sari to make them look beautiful, sexy and glamorous.

Many Bollywood and even Hollywood celebs are fascinated with the sari and wear it to red-carpet events. In the recent times, the sari has undergone a dramatic change and now symbolizes modernity combined with grace and sex appeal. There are numerous new trends that fashion designers have imparted to the sari making it appealing to the modern woman. You can look very feminine and sexy if you chose the right sari in accordance with your body type and your skin tone.

A sari in the right fabric can help hide any flaws in your figure, making you look beautiful and elegant. Unlike wearing a western outfit, even women who are slightly over-weight can carry off a sari with grace and élan. This article has useful information on how you can wear a sari that best suits your body type. The article gives useful tips on how to select a sari according to the fabric that matches your body type. It also tells you the shades, colors and designs that you need to chose so that the sari compliments your complexion.

Sari Designs For Skinny Women

Sari Designs For Skinny WomenSkinny women may not look sexy and desirable since they do not have voluptuous curves and sexy assets. However, a sari can make even skinny women look sexy if you chose the right fabric. If you are skinny, look for saris in fabrics like tussar silk, cotton, organza and tissue.

Such fabrics will make your figure look fuller and make you look sexier. Saris in these fabrics will not stick to your body and hence are ideal for women who are very thin. If you are skinny, strictly avoid saris in fabrics such as chiffon, georgette, etc. These fabrics will make you look skinnier.

Sari Trends For Voluptuous Busty women

Sari Trends For Voluptuous Busty womenSaris are ideal for voluptuous women as thistraditional Indian outfit can make curvaceous women appear sexier. If you are voluptuous and busty, consider sari as the outfit that can make you look gorgeous on almost every occasion. While saris in varied fabrics and designs would suit curvaceous women, if you really want to highlight your sexy figure chose saris in fabrics such as chiffons, georgettes, or soft silks such as Mysore silk.

These fabrics have a great fall and will accentuate your curves making you look like a diva. Sheer saris in fabrics such as net or lace also look great on voluptuous women. Sheer saris are a fashion rage these days and you will like a sexy goddess sporting one of these.

Saris To Suit Short And Slightly Over-weight Women

Saris To Suit Short And Slightly Over Weight WomenIf you are petite and slightly over-weight, do not wear saris with heavily embellished contrasting borders. Such designs can make you look shorter. Also, saris that have too many bold prints and color contrasts are not ideal for short women. If you are short, you can opt for saris in chiffon, georgette or silk in monochromatic colors. Such colors and fabrics will make you look tall and slimmer. Ensure you drape your sari the right way. A badly draped sari on short women can make you look shoddy and stout.

Saris For Tall And Slim Women

Saris For Tall And Slim WomenSaris suit tall women very well. If you are tall and slim you can carry off almost any sari style. Saris in bold colors and contrasting heavy borders look great on tall women. Raw silk, pure silk and cotton saris make tall women look very elegant. Sheer saris in net and lace embellished with heavy borders also look trendy and stylish on tall and slim women.

Sari Shades And Styles To Suit Your Complexion

Sari Shades And Styles To Suit Your ComplexionWhile wearing a sari it is important to keep in mind that the color and shade of your sari must suit your complexion. Not only is it important that the fabric of the sari you chose suits your body type, the color of the sari must compliment your skin tone. You can also choose your sari color and design based on the occasion and the time of the day when you will be wearing it.

If you are very fair, almost any shade of a sari will suit you. Pastel shades such as pinks, lavender, peach, etc. will look great for an evening event. A sari for an evening or night function must be glamorous and sexy. It must have the right embellishments in form of sequins or silver embroidery. Shades such as turquoise, emerald green, etc. too look great on fair skinned women. For a day event you can chose earthy tones such as maroon, orange, etc in fabrics such as silk or cotton.

If you are slightly dusky, refrain from wearing very bright colors such as orange, fuchsia, etc. These shades can make you look darker. Darker shades such as tan, maroon, brown or green look great on dark skinned women. Do not wear with too much glitter if you are dark skinned. Stick to traditional designs and earthy colors to look best.

Sport Perfect Make-up and Wear Appropriate Jewelry to Complete Your Beautiful Look in the Sari

Sport Perfect Make-up And Wear Appropriate Jewelry To Complete Your Beautiful Look In The SariLast but not the least, it is important to wear appropriate make-up and sport suitable accessories and jewelry that compliment the sari. Traditional Indian jewelry in gold will look great when you are wearing traditional saris in fabrics such as raw silk, pure silk, etc.

If your sari is heavily embellished, keep your jewelry basic and minimum. Diamond and silver jewelry look great with modern saris such as net or chiffon saris with silver sequins or embroidery work. Lip shades in tan, maroon and brown will look great on most Indian women. However, if you are very fair you can opt for shades such as pink, fuchsia, etc.

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    It is important to note that the fabric of the saree must suit the body type and the color of the saree should suit the skin tone. The saree color and design should also suit the occasion.

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    My brother’s marriage is fixed.
    I am planning to wear my Ruby necklace for the function with a silk saree.
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