Romantic Ideas And Things To Do To Make Your Wife Feel Special

Things To Do To Make Your Wife Feel SpecialEver wondered the real secret behind happy marriages? Ever wondered why yours doesn’t seem to work? Now why does grass always have to seem greener over yonder? Is your marriage falling into the mundane? How can you pep her up a bit? You need to sit up and take stock before it snaps and you sink into oblivion.

She’s Your Woman: Treat Her Thus

Remember your days of courtship? Remember the burst of jealousy shooting through your heart as if a shot of poison injected into your body, seeing her with any guy? Today you don’t mind her talking to a stranger guy, why, oh why? She is your wife; treat her thus. Stifle her not, and yet not harbor indifference. She isn’t just another woman now – she is your woman. Of the many things she comes to expect of you, treating her right is one of the most basic. She deserves a different respect, a different tone – she deserves you – naked – without any of your faces. It is one of the many things you do to make her feel special – to you.

Be Kind: Unwind 

The daily household grind takes its toll in many ways. It saps you of your energy; you tend to fall into a rut. Understand this, and give her the change she needs. Take her out somewhere you two can just be you – spend time together – away from the grey of the household chores. Surprising her out is one of the most romantic ideas and things to do to make your wife feel special and loved – it shows you acknowledge her efforts and that you care.

Of Promises Unkept

Subtly romantic, but the surest of ways to make your wife feel special is to keep your promises. What do you think she expects out of you? Promise her a star then give it to her. Why do you think she expects out of you? She respects you – has faith in your abilities and trusts your desire to make her happy. As inability to keep promises breeds contempt, keeping your promises tells her you are true to her, ever so subtly and yet blaringly.

It Is In Your Interest To Know Hers

What does she do in her spare time? Philately? Why not walk home one evening surprising her with the newly released postage stamps? Passionate about books? Why not get her a copy she has been eying of late? Movie buff? Why not return home with a couple of titles of her choice and surprise her? Fitness freak? Getting her a swimming costume would be a romantically sensual thing to do to make her feel special. Have a hobby in common with her? Great! Do it together! Not only will you two be spending more time together, it will also help the bonding between you and her.

A Time For Romance

Guilty of Workaholics’ Anonymous? Sure, you will bring in the money, but does it bring you to your wife – or her to you? “Honey, I don’t have time for this!” is one of the most dangerous sentences you could ever say to your wife. It will stun her silent.

Things To Do To Make Your Wife Feel Special

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She may respect you for your dedication to work, but she will despise with equal fervor both you and your dedication to work if you fail to balance your avocation and your wife’s passion. Finding time for her is one of the essential and most romantic things to do to make your wife feel special. “I’m doing it for you, baby! For us!” Now what is that money worth if the meaning of it lies in your wife and she is the one you don’t spend time with?

Her Speech Is No Ordinary Prattle

Why do you think she talks what she talks with you? She’s your wife – trust yourself with her. If you cannot, you are not in a marriage, sorry. If she’s angry, there’s a reason – there has to be a broken expectation somewhere in some form – “I never expected this of you!” Hear her out – whom do you think she’d want to confide in?If she doesn’t into you, she’s hurt with you. Give her time and ensure that you do not screw your butt in the wrong places.

She’s your wife – she has the right to assert herself onto you. She should, in fact. Heeding her choices is one of the most romantic things to do to make your wife feel special. What are you telling her? You are telling her you belong to her. You are telling her you regard her. You are telling her you trust her. What do you stand to gain? Intimacy.

How About A Jig?

“Oh no, man! Not that! I can’t dance!” Exactly why it is one of the most romantic ideas and things to do to make your wife feel special. She knows you can’t dance and yet you are trying to – that ‘trying to’ is something you are doing ‘for her’ and is what makes the whole thing romantic and her feel special.

Expressing Your Sentiments

Romantic, believe me, has not to do with the heart alone. A certain percentage has to do with mouthing that bubbling romance within you. Expressing your feelings for her at times unexpected send small stings of electricity through her body that scream – romance – romantic.

Honey, I’ll Take You To The Moon

Remember the last (hopefully the first) time you took your vows? Remember your honeymoon period? You’d consider that as your most romantic period, won’t you? Turn the tables again – history repeats itself. Take your wife on a second honeymoon. Relive the time. Relive the passion. Relive the promise of a thrilling future – the thrill of a promising future. That’s one of the best romantic ideas and things to do to make your wife feel special. She’ll know you are truly into her – after all these years – still. She’ll love you for it – and you will love the sensual consequences.

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