4 Remedies For Dark Neck

Remedies For Dark Neck

Neck certainly plays a very crucial role in adding on to your beauty. But sadly, neck is the most ignored portion of the body. People take care of their face in every way, but completely ignore their necks. This leads to darkening of the areas around the neck. This shows when you put your hair up or choose to wear a good halter neck top.

It is not a very difficult task to keep the neck just as fair as the face. For starters, ensure that you do not ignore the skin on the neck while having a bath. Use the loofah and clean the area around the neck in circular motions. This will solve half your problems. Also find time to ex-foliate your neck using a good quality scrub once a week or so like your neck..

Washing For Dark Neck

Most people even deprive neck of basic cleaning and washing while bathing. Most people entirely ignore the fact that the skin on  the neck also gets exposed to external factors like dust, dirt, harsh rays of the sun  etc. Impurities are likely to get trapped beneath the folds of the neck and hence it is very important to do the necessary to clean these impurities and prevent your neck from darkening.

This will deep clean your skin around the neck and also help you get rid of all the dead skin cells. This will also leave your neck feeling soft and smooth. After having a bath do not forget to moisturize your neck the same way you moisturize your face. You can use a skin lightening cream for this purpose for better results.

Lemon Juice For Dark Neck

Go natural and use lemon juice to lighten the skin of your neck. You can also use lemon juice and sugar as a scrub for your neck for instant results. Be careful while scrubbing your neck with this mixture and avoid bruising yourself. You can also make a mixture of lemon juice and honey and use this mixture to massage your neck to lighten the complexion of the neck.

Raw Milk For Dark Neck

Applying cold raw milk on the neck will also help treat dark neck.  A paste made of cold raw milk, sandal wood powder and turmeric powder can also be used as a pack for your neck. This is an excellent remedy for dark skin problems. Juice of cucumber, tomato, potato etc. can also be used for lightening the skin around the neck.

Cucumber Juice For Dark Neck

When you step out into the sun. also remember to apply sunscreen on your neck as neck is also exposed to the sun. Obese people are observed to have dark neck. So it is very important to shed those extra pounds to solve dark neck problems. People suffering from diabetes are also likely to have dark necks.  Such people should seek medical attention for their problem as these remedies might not work well for such conditions. Indulge in a healthy diet containing lot of fruits and vegetables and also drink plenty of water to prevent all skin related problems.

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