When penetration hurts
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The thing meant for pleasure if accrues pain becomes dreadful. Well to begin with painful penetration is something that most of the woman goes through in some phase of their life. The sense of pinging pain through penetration often results into her getting away from intercourse. She doesn’t feel interested anymore in getting physical. The low libido is something which is inevitable in this condition.

And, why not? Who wants to invite pain to afflict themselves? No One! But the perception lies in approach. Either you run away from things that trouble you or you seek a solution as why it troubles you? And running from trouble is not certainly a good option. It indeed serves no purpose. If you are suffering from painful intercourse than evaluate what makes you suffers from it. By assessing the underlying aspects you shall work upon it to negate the roving causative factors.

Why does it Pain During Sex?

Are your reasons Physical

The functioning of woman anatomy is very complex and undergoes lot many changes during her lifetime. From time to time she experience new things with her body that may be equally responsible for her twinge during intercourse.

Pregnancy and Child Birth is a very complex process that occurs in women physiology. In whole of the pregnancy and once the child is born every woman faces tremendous occurrence of events in reproductive system. Every woman has tendency to have different changes. Post partum most of the woman experience painful intercourse due to changes in her body more to say in first delivery. Eventually things get settled and she returns back to her normal self as before.

Menopause also brings in huge reverberation in woman’s reproductive cycle. Where, in teenage commencement of menses begins indicating woman fertility; there after 50, women undergoes menopause that terminates the woman fertility. Decline in hormone level, vaginal dryness, loss of elasticity in vagina, stress, hot flashes, depression are some of the symptoms that follows with Menopause and are highly responsible to cause painful penetration.

Vaginal Dryness indicates loss of apt lubrication that is required for painless and merrier sexual contact. When woman looses this lubrication due to certain reasons than painful penetration is inevitable. Stress, certain medications and disease and menopause are leading reasons to result into vaginal dryness.

Infections are yet another cause to hit woman with painful penetration. Yeast Infection, Urinary Tract Infection(UTI), Bacterial Infection etc affects the vagina and bring in discomfort in vagina region and hence painful intercourse

If it is an emotional void…

It’s all in your mind. Well mind plays a crucial role as you get physical. It all begins with your mind and this is how you get aroused and have libido through mind enhanced stimuli. So a tensed or occupied mind is something that has direct interference with your intercourse. Stress or fatigues from daily life routine or medical ailment make your spirits low and hence make your libido low. When you indulge in intercourse with lack of arousal you are likely to experience painful intercourse. So while you plan to make love, shed off all your concerns associated with your work responsibilities. Enter your bedroom by kicking all the worries out of your mind and be in relaxed mood.

Rift with partner and lack of communication between couples also causes pain in love making. If a woman feels that her man doesn’t appreciate her and thus feeling of being neglected results into lack of arousal. Some males tend to try out different positions and styles without letting their woman know them beforehand. A sudden change in the way and failing to comprehend how to proceed and what the man wants curbs flexibility which gives nothing but pain during intercourse.

Painful Penetration is no crux. But it’s just passing phase of life. If it afflicts you, assess why it happens to you and what actually hurts you. Smoothen the communication with your partner and if it pains let him know. By mutual consensus it will get easier to identify – where lies the problem and how to overcome it. Don’t make your life miserable by sacrificing your love life. Be candid and have joy in everything you both do to each other.

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