Are you suffering from Vaginal Dryness?
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Vaginal Dryness is top sexual dysfunction among woman. It is very pervasive and is experienced by almost majority of woman at some point of time. Menopause woman are at higher risk to develop the problem of Vaginal Dryness.

Vaginal Dryness is identified by the loss of natural lubrication responsible for smooth intercourse. This lubrication not only smoothens the penetration but also keep woman free from certain infections. The microorganism and bacteria’s originating in and around vagina are killed naturally by the fluid that is responsible for lubrication. It keeps woman away from infection such as yeast infection and even urinary tract infection.

Besides the problem termed in intercourse and infection; vaginal dryness is source to high uncomfort and irritation in day to day routine woman. After menopause it is highly inevitable but before menopause there’s no merit of living with it. You shall get it diagnosed with doctor and can get it treated with options available.

Causes of Vaginal Dryness

Hormones play a vital role to effect the vaginal lubrication. If one has to say they are directly responsible for vaginal dryness than there’s nothing wrong about it. Though there can be other reasons too but an improper secretion or misbalance in hormones may bring you vaginal dryness. Estrogen and Progesterone are hormones responsible for reproductive cycle in females. Decline in Estrogen level results into vaginal dryness. It happens so because when this hormone decline vaginal walls becomes thin which leads to dryness in vagina.

Menopause is the time when woman’s monthly menses stops resulting into number of problems in woman life. Of them Vaginal Dryness is on the top of list. Apart other internal changes hormonal level declines that is accrued to be directly responsible for dryness in Vagina

Medications or diseases can be other pertinent reason for vaginal dryness besides declining level of estrogen. Certain medication and disease like Sjögren’s disease may be a causative factor of vaginal dryness. You should get thoroughly examined with doctors in regards with disease and medication you are using in case you encounter vaginal dryness. Antidepressant, Antibiotics, radiotherapy, Chemotherapy etc may also lead to vaginal dryness.

Loss of libido means lesser desire towards getting intimate. Well if you don’t have desire for intercourse it is logical that you vagina act accordingly for natural lubrication. Where rift with partner or painful penetration may be a reason but reduced muscle tone may also be held responsible for delayed arousal. Talk closely to your partner and seek solution for your problem

Allergens and harsh chemicals are yet another reason to give rise to vaginal dryness. Some woman are over sensitive and their skin can react adversely on coming in contact with certain womanly products like creams, powders, perfumed soaps or deodorants.

Being Helped - Treatment for Vaginal Dryness

  • Medical help

You can get your Vaginal Dryness treated with the help of your doctor. Depending upon the complexity and the stage of your vaginal dryness he can guide you to use personal lubricants, jellies or moisturizers. He can also give you help through certain medications that can boost up your estrogen levels. In case they don’t work than you can also seek help with Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT). It is generally recommended for menopausal woman and besides increasing estrogen level it also cure other aftereffects of menopause for e.g. stress, hot flashes, tones the muscles etc. The therapy helps considerably in reduction of pain, itchiness, dryness, infections and discomfort level faced due to vaginal dryness.

Self help Tips

  • Drink plenty of water and keep your hydration sufficient
  • Note down the allergens that affects you and try to avoid them
  • Don’t wear tight clothes and prefer cotton panties
  • Use lubricants and moisturizing creams
  • Look after nutritious diet and fill the gap with nutrients and multivitamins tablets
  • Boost up your hormone secretion with balancing diet

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Thanks for a nice page. I had big problems with [@]l dryness after menopause, and I certainly do not want hormonal treatment. Recently my gynaecologist recommended a [@]l tablet called Ladybalance, and untill now it seems to be doing the job. It does give me more clear discharge, but also a much more satisfyoing [@]ual relation. And it only pure and natural sugar!
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