Tight Vagina/Loose Vagina
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Loose vagina is a problem that occurs most prominently after child birth. While the delivery of a baby, the vagina is stretched to a great extent which makes it loose. During child birth, the pelvic muscles get relaxed and lead to loose vaginal muscles. This in turn decreases the sexual urge and affects the satisfaction level. This problem compels most of the women to go for vaginal tightening process.

The process of strengthening, toning and tightening the vaginal muscles is known as vaginal tightening. This process helps in improving the satisfaction level in a sexual relationship. There are various ways of tightening the vaginal muscles, but most of the women prefer natural ways as they are safer and effective.

Vagina Tightening Herbal Products

A variety of herbal products like cream and lotions are available for vaginal tightening process. These are found to be safe and effective in bringing the vagina back to original shape, by increasing the tightening sensation and sensitivity of female genital region. Some of the best features of such herbal products are listed below -

  • Naturally firming and tightening the vagina so as to provide greater comfort and pleasure
  • Overcomes the problem of vaginal dryness, as it contains estrogen helps in restoring the lubrication
  • Restores the vaginal suppleness
  • Enhances the vaginal secretion and contraction of vaginal channels
  • Anti-inflammatory effect prevents unpleasant odor and unwanted swelling
  • Protection against microbial pathogens
  • Decreases excessive mucus
  • Contracts the vaginal wall to enhance the pleasure

These products exhibit results in 30 minutes, causing contraction of vagina and stimulation of G-spot. They work effectively on the "Bartholon" glands to release estrogen, causing lubrication and overcoming the problem of vaginal dryness.

Herbal Solution for Vaginal Dryness

A herb called Pueraria mirifica works effectively to prevent and release vaginal dryness. Vaginal dryness causes itching, sensitiveness, irritation, tenderness, inflammation and general discomfort. Pueraria contains phytoestrogen which helps in duplicating a women's natural moisture. It also stimulates the "Bartholon" glands to release estrogen and restore natural lubrication. Phytoestrogen enhances the blood flow into the female genital area and constant use may result in vaginal tissue growth and elasticity.

After the child birth, vaginal muscles get stretched. Reduction in level of testosterone in male system reduces the erection ability as well as stamina. Tightening of vaginal muscles can enhance the pleasure in an intimate relationship, for both man and woman. As the pelvic muscles of vagina relax, this increases the internal and external diameter of the vagina.

Symptoms Indicating Loose Vagina

A woman having loose vaginal muscles suffers from one of the following symptoms -

  • The requirement for insertion of a larger object in order attain sexual stimulation
  • Inability to grip the index finger into the vagina
  • Vagina emitting a lot of odor
  • Non-closure of vagina during non-aroused state
  • Ability to insert 3 or more fingers into the vaginal canal, with no resistance.
  • Inability to reach orgasm effectively
  • Inability to provide proper stimulation to the male partner.

Benefits of Vaginal Tightening

Decision of tightening the vagina is to improve the femininity and eliminate sexual inadequacy caused due to loose vagina. The natural products mentioned above, gradually thickens the vaginal wall, making it strong and toned. When the vaginal muscles become thicker, they make the penetration much stronger and firm. Some benefits obtained by tightening of the vagina are listed below -

  • Offers greater ability to achieve orgasm during the intercourse. In case of loose vagina, the vulva lacks ability to offer sufficient resistance, and therefore less ability to achieve orgasm.
  • Restore the strength of vaginal muscles
  • Helps the female partner to overcome inferiority complex
  • Restores vaginal suppleness
  • Restores vaginal lubrication, overcoming the problem of vaginal dryness

The most effective way to tighten the vaginal muscles is by proper physical exercises and yoga. These exercises are related to the contraction and expansion of vaginal muscles, which eventually leads to the tightening of vagina. One of the common exercise suggested for toning and strengthening of vaginal muscles is taking a deep breath and contracting the vagina, hold on for a few seconds and exhale releasing the vaginal muscles. This must be practiced for at least 10 counts daily.

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#2 - morpheus - 04/05/2011 - 09:50
which is the most effective cream for [@]l tightening.
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can i perform kegal method while having intercourse? also how do i control an over mucus [@].
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