The conundrum of sex during Periods
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Culturally, religiously, ethically and morally; sex during periods ever since has been considered as taboo or simply unholy. No matter what clerics and owners of society has to say but almost all the people encounters the inkling towards the concept. Some may find intercourse messy during menses but there’s considerable amount of people who can’t hold on their urges for 5-8 days. And for others, love making during periods is simply adventurous and exciting amidst the aptitude of trying something new which otherwise they have to do in same manner each day.

The innate nature of human being when it comes to physical desire is not at all bad as this is something they are bestowed upon by nature. Some have naturally high inclinations and others may have low inclinations comparatively. And these variations create the different angles and approaches to sex. Amidst the latent controversies the researches proves that sex during periods is absolutely normal. Perhaps in some parlance it is beneficial too. If you are comfortable with it than have no pains about what others has to say. It’s you who matters!

The safety Concern

People do have fervid desire to get intimate even in uneven time of woman’s menses but ambiguous notion about safety issues often puts them on hold. Hesitated to seek doctors word over the issue they remain unacknowledged if it is healthy to do or not? But don’t panic now things are not that inhibitive in nature. Researches and scientist say it’s entirely healthy to perform sex during menstrual cycles.

A research reveals where some people do it on second day itself others prefer to hold on till the 4 th day. It is highly habitual and has nothing to do with safety. The patterns differs because some people find it messy on 2 nd day as blood flow is maximum during that time while others cant hold on their urges till the last days of cycle. However certain aspects must be taken care of during. Like first concern should be protection as menstrual blood may lead you to STDs.

It is near to impossible that you get pregnant during pregnancy. But a farthest possibility is you may get pregnant. This happens so… as in some woman fertility starts immediately when you might be considering it as last days of menses.

Relief from pain

An orgasm during periods can give you magical solution too spasm and the normal pain woman incur during periods. Orgasm stimulates the contractions in uterus that are responsible for passage of blood and hence eases the cramps and unprecedented pains. Intercourse also ceases your periods much quicker than normal cycle. It makes menses to end fastly as it facilitates more volumes of blood to pass away easily through stimulation of contractions in uterus and prostaglandins hormone contained in semen

Myths Resolved

- Sex during periods is not a question of wrongful deed. It is absolutely healthy as in other days if you do it safely and with protected measures. It is more of a personal choice.

- Penis coming in touch to blood of menses doesn’t incur any irritation or infection. The blood is absolutely normal and is not harmful in any way.

- Woman is also equally safe while having intercourse during periods. The male shaft acts as in normal session and doesn’t muddle up more than required depth to cause any problem

- Protective measures are required to save yourself from STDs as menses blood may have equal chance of inflicting the disease as in normal case. Moreover protective measures may also help you against unwanted pregnancy.

- Though chances for pregnancy in periods is grim but sometime sperm may stay on inside for more than 3 days and make the egg fertile as soon as fertility cycle starts.

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ew dont put your [@] in me when im bleeding!!!!!
#1 - [@] - 08/12/2008 - 21:47
My only concern would be that it's messy. Also, I just feel embar[@]ed about it.
#2 - S.R. - 03/16/2009 - 10:31
No different then the first time a woman has [@],she bleeds then. It helps my woman feel better when she is having her time,it\'s all good.
#3 - C.D. - 10/08/2009 - 09:40
I've never thought about it... To me it's so natural this period thing, I always had [@] with my girlfriends not caring about it. They just usually said for me to be careful because it was very sensible to my touch (which caused greater orgasms actually;))
#4 - Akhal Teke - 11/08/2009 - 19:35
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