Sex during Pregnancy
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Pregnancy results from sex but does sex also sustain Pregnancy. This is the question that tops the minds of couples who plans to have child. The intrinsic characteristics of these concepts are rarely discussed and are considered unhealthy in society. This is the reason why most of the couples don’t know the applicability of intercourse during pregnancy and if at all they know than it is all negative notions that follow.

First of all being pregnant does not mean you are sick but it means that you are absolutely healthy and is ready to start a new family. So shed off this approach of associating pregnancy with illness. Thus as long as you are healthy it is absolutely safe to have intercourse if you are willing

Is it healthy for us?

It is perfectly fine to have sex if you have spirits for it. However a care must be taken if there are any complexities in your pregnancy. The woman who expects a normal delivery with normal pregnancy conditions need not worry and can have intercourse anytime with adjustments in positions that comfort her. To identify your pregnancy complexity and risk factors you may get guidance from your health practitioner or gynecologist you are seeing. If you feel it’s not comfortable as you grow larger than you must stop it and can adopt some flexible positions or another sexuality aspect like kissing, hugging, cuddling, caressing etc which will help you both to come closer to each other.

Talking about orgasms they are also safe as far as you have normal or low risk pregnancy. The contractions experienced during pregnancy are entirely different from the one you have on labor time and in no way harms you. However as a safety precautions doctors suggests that you must stop having intercourse in final weeks of pregnancy It is so because the semen contain certain chemical that may interfere with your contractions and can actually increase them.

What if it hurt our child in womb?

Most of the couples are laid back with the idea of intercourse for the fear that there child will get hurt. But it is not so, your penis will not touch your child. The child is completely protected in uterus and is supported by amniotic sac and thick mucous that seals cervix. So if you think your child know what you are doing when you make love than it is not true. The child is completely safe and secure in his mother’s womb.

Sexual Positions recommended during Pregnancy

During pregnancy the most famous missionary position doesn’t work out. It is so as experts do not advice lying on back after four months. And moreover this position puts more pressure on woman

Woman on top offers woman benefit to have control over angle and intensity of penetration. However it requires extra energy and vigor. In later stages of pregnancy due to increase in abdomen and other changes you may not have same energy and hence can feel this position as tiresome.

Spooning (Man behind woman, rear entry) is very relaxing and enjoyable for both of you. Here your partner lies behind you and allows you to have variations in movements and angles without having to have pressure on your abdomen. Rear entry is more apt for G-spot stimulation but avoid lying on your right side

Side lying, knee pulled up is similar to above and equally comfortable but here you lies face to face. Again avoid lying on right side. You can cross leg over each other and this position is more close and intimate than spooning.

Besides these you can also try edge of bed, Hands and Kneespositions.When it comes to oral you can roll his shaft in your mouth. But if a man wants to lick off your vagina, its okay till licking and kissing. But in oral factor he should take care that he shall not blow air in vagina as it may induce air bubble in arteries that is extremely harmful and dangerous for you and your baby. So while playing oral be extremely precautious and don’t get swayed by your instincts.

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