How to have multiple orgasm
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Orgasm, also commonly known as climax, is a physiological state of heightened sexual excitement, followed by relaxation of sexual tension and body muscles. It come with a feeling of intense and sudden pleasure. Earlier, females were not concerned about the orgasm, during the intimate sessions, but now most women want to experience it. Medical opinion says that every women is capable of achieving an orgasm. It has also been claimed that, women are capable of achieving multiple orgasm, when desired. The tendency to achieve multiple orgasm is greater in mature women. It is seen that attaining orgasm has benefited women physically as well as psychologically. It helps in easing the menstrual cramps and releases the stress.

Female Orgasm

During the orgasm, the central nervous system sends signals to the heart, as a result of which the beating frequency of heart increases greatly. Adrenal glands secrete adrenalin, which effectively dilates the arteries, and enhances the blood flow to the muscles involved in the intercourse activity. Respiration becomes shallower and quicker, and lungs work rapidly to oxygenate the blood. Body heat dissipation takes place resulting in sweating process. Some common changes that occur during the orgasm are -

  • Feeling of sudden and intense excitement
  • Sudden increase in the pulse rate and blood pressure
  • Increase in the size of breast and erection of nipples takes place.
  • Vasoconstriction
  • Clitoris is withdrawn and vaginal area is lubricated
  • Uterus is elevated
  • Spasms of the pelvic muscles causing vaginal contractions
  • Involuntary vocalization

Orgasm lasts for a few seconds, and continued stimulation can give rise to more than one orgasm in females. It means that females can have repeated orgasm without intervening "rest period", as required by males. This stage is characterized by surges of contraction in the genitals, occurring almost every 0.8 seconds. Relatively only a few young women are capable of achieving multiple orgasm. It is a skill, that needs to be learned.

Attaining the Orgasm

A very important fact about female orgasm is that it is not a mechanical thing, as it is for males. Unlike males, females have ability to feel various types of climaxes. This greatly depends on the type of stimuli used, and if the orgasm is clitoral or vaginal. For males, it is often easy to achieve orgasm, even if their genitals are rubbed effectively and even if the circumstances are not particularly romantic. Female orgasm doesn't take place that easily and for this the conditions have to be right. Following conditions often help females in achieving the orgasm easily -

  • A romantic ambiance
  • Pleasant and comfortable surroundings
  • A sense of being wanted and appreciated
  • A sufficient flow of natural lubrication, which prevents the delicate female parts from getting sore
  • A skilled partner

It has to be well understood that only having sexual intercourse is not likely to produce an orgasm. This is due to the fact that intercourse alone is not enough to stimulate a women's clitoris. Nearly all women need stimulation of the clitoris to attain orgasm.

Following things must be kept in mind, in order to bring your female partner to the orgasm regularly -

  • There shouldn't be any haste or rush while making love
  • One should not be too demanding
  • Talking to your partner so as to know how she wants you to go about it
  • Creating an romantic atmosphere, before starting with the love making session
  • Comfort level must be taken care of
  • Foreplay is very important before moving on to the sexual areas
  • Be gentle and analyze properly, so as to understand what she wants
  • Natural lubrication is very important, before stimulation of genitals takes place
  • Stimulation of clitoris is a key to female orgasm
  • Encouraging your female partner to stimulate herself at times

The likelihood of having multiple orgasm can be increased greatly, by keeping the intimate relationship as varied as possible.

Types of Orgasms

Some common types of orgasms are mentioned below -

Pressure Orgasm – This is often experienced in early childhood days. Often practiced by rocking back and forth or by masturbating by squeezing the legs together. This kind of orgasm comes by indirect stimulation or applying pressure.

Tension Orgasm – This type of orgasm comes from direct and intense stimulation, while holding the body and muscles tight. It offers intense build up followed by sudden release.

Relaxation Orgasm – This type of orgasm comes from deep relaxation during sexual stimulation, where the tension is released and muscles relax, when the orgasm sneaks up.

G Spot Orgasm – Orgasm that occurs due to G spot stimulation

Fantasy Orgasm – Orgasm that occurs due to mental stimulation alone i.e. Mental fantasy alone

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There are actually 8 different kinds of orgasms related to the female body, including g-spot orgasms, cervical orgasms, anal orgasms and even throat orgasms.

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