Is it hard to achieve orgasm being a woman ?
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It has been surveyed that, about 40% of adult women experience sexual dysfunction at some or the other time in their life. Among them, female orgasmic disorder is found to be the most common. It is marked by the inability to achieve orgasm by some women, even after adequate sexual arousal. The stimulation needed by women to achieve an orgasm varies from one individual to the other. As a result of this, the causes and treatment of this disorder vary enormously.

According to a recent survey conducted on over 300 women, suffering from sexual dysfunction indicated that, the treatment strategy must focus on the physiological and psychological needs, rather than concentrating on their medical conditions. It has been found that 45% of women are capable of overcoming this problem by compassion, understanding and intimacy from their partners. Female Orgasmic Disorder (FOD) is the inability of a women to achieve orgasm during the intercourse. Orgasm in females is a learned response, not inherent.

FOD has varying intensity, including women who never reach climax, women who achieve orgasm only by masturbation and never with their partners, and women who need clitoral stimulation in addition to vaginal stimulation, to reach the climax. This order can either be situational, which is temporary and caused due to unfavorable situations or sustain through out the life, when no orgasm is achieved either through masturbation, or with a partner.

Causes of Orgasmic Disorder

Inability to achieve orgasm is caused due to number of factors, both physical and psychological in nature. Some common causes are lack of sufficient stimulation, acute stress and depression, anxiety and relationship problems. Medical researchers are still not able to clearly understand the mechanism behind the achievement of an orgasm. Therefore the causes of this disorder are still unknown. Psychological reasons have been held responsible for the inability to achieve an orgasm, more than physiological reasons. When achieving an orgasm becomes the most important part of the love making activity, the psychological pressure works against its achievement. The mood of a women during the intercourse also determines whether she would be able to achieve the orgasm or not. Some medical causes of female orgasmic disorder are mentioned below -

Insufficient blood flow in the pelvic region, hinders with the sexual arousal in women. This reduces the sensitivity of female genital region, causing vaginal dryness. Some medical problems associated with decreased blood flow are diabetes, hardened arteries and heart disease.

Damage to the nervous system, mostly the pelvic region can cause loss of sensitivity. Spinal cord injury or surgery to the reproductive organs can result in female orgasmic disorder.

After menopause or hysterectomy, there occurs hormonal imbalance (estrogen and progesterone), which are critical for women's sexual arousal and function. Excessive use of contraceptive pills also effect hormone levels causing reduced sexual arousal.

Some other causes include poor communication, inability to express desires, lack of knowledge about a women's anatomy and physical processes involved in sexual arousal and stimulation.

Certain medications can interfere with the ability to achieve orgasm. This problem is mainly caused by certain anti-depressants. Some anti-psychotic drugs such as Haldol, Thorazine, Mellaril can cause delayed orgasm.

Anti-hypertensive drugs may also interfere with orgasm. Diseases like multiple sclerosis, interferes with the blood supply to the genitals resulting in loss of orgasm.

Addictions like alcohol and smoking also causes loss of orgasm.

Treatment of Orgasmic Disorder

There is no defined treatment for the female orgasmic disorder. If it occurs due to dryness of vagina, lubricants are provided to help making intercourse easier. If psychological treatment is provided, then the partners are asked to relax during the act, rather then getting tensed towards achieving an orgasm. More focus must be paid toward maximizing the pleasure by knowing each other's preferences. It is advised that more time is spent in the foreplay, which induces sufficient lubrication. The most effective way to achieve orgasm is to be positive and easy going during the love making activities.

There exist 3 treatment options for female sexual dysfunctions, listed below-

Use of female Viagra or any other impotence drug, which works effectively by increasing the blood flow to the sexual organs, enhances the stimulation and sensitivity.

Education on female anatomy, arousal, responses, blood flow, hormones, physical and psychological needs during the intimate activities is very important for solving the problem of female orgasmic disorder. It is often important to communicate the stimulatory needs and desires to each other.

Hormone Replacement Therapy, helps in restoring normal sexual functions in females suffering from disorders due to hormonal imbalance. One of the most common sexual problem which occurs in females, due to reduction in levels of estrogen, particularly after the meno-pause stage is the vaginal dryness. This can be treated by using lubricants.

A complete analysis of physical, psychological and sexual history can usually help in determining the underlying cause of female orgasmic disorder.

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I've never had an orgasam with penetration. The only way I can have one is through oral [@].
#1 - female, 55 - 12/28/2009 - 23:43
I've never had an intercourse stimulated orgasm. Not thru cunnulingus, either. Only via direct stimulation to the clioris and then I can only have one and it comes hard and fast most times. I suppose if I had a partner willing to spend more time exploring me for sensual spots or spend more time on them I probably might. Also, as an obese person most of my life I suppose I seb-consciously believe that I am not worthy of true love making.
#2 - JT - 10/13/2011 - 00:29
I have always had a intense strong orgasm
with stimulation to my clitoris. I have never be able to achieve it thru intercourse. Now, suddenly this last year I have found I have almost no liberio. It takes forever to climax. I used to fantastize which stimulted me to orgasm. Now, nothing I think about turns me on..Is it from aging how can I fix this>
#3 - female 59 - 02/23/2012 - 22:40
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