When Women Fantacize…
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Fantasies are something that every human endures but shy away to make it happen. It can be a simple imagination and can even reach beyond limits to hedonistic extent. There is no control over it as what goes in your mind can’t be curbed by rules of society of gentleman. So there’s no harm in cultivating fantasies. But if you think only man get weird when it comes to sexual instincts than you are probably wrong. Women are also not behind at least in the imagination aspects.

Once you are back to humdrum of life after settling down after marriage sleeping together becomes a routine of life. Sex is an integral part of happy lives between couples. And hence to keep the zest alive fantasies are something that couples can brew up to give it a spicy feel amidst monotonous sessions.

Woman can gear up their partner enthusiasm by bringing their fantasies to reality. Where only man is considered to initiate, a single initiative from woman surely is enough to take the breath away out of pleasure of man.

What woman fantasies

Woman apparently may seem highly sophisticated but they are also the same when it comes to natural instincts. WILD…!!! And they conquer it in their fantasies. If a fantasy of Rape top the list of top fantasies than there’s nothing surprising about it. Yes, a forceful or sex by stranger is something that roves almost in majority of woman’s mind. Being submissive, a bossy role, sex at public places, being watched (here balcony works most), getting intimate with coworker are some other top fantasies that top woman’s list of fantasies.

But guys don’t get disturbed. Gals actually don’t want them to happen. They will surely go bleak if it actually happens but somewhere in backseat of mind lies the concept of pleasures. So the key is knowing while pretending not to be knowing. You can plan out these fantasies with your partner. The idea is that you can do the role play by visualizing the fantasy. If fantasy is something that doesn’t come to your mind see some ‘x’ rated movies or magazines that arouses you. And accordingly you can set the situation. It is same as some people are more creative in writing than others so don’t panic.

Last week, John and Reena went to sale and there they saw a dress on 75% off. It was very reasonable but still Reena doesn’t need that raunchy outfit. Suddenly a flash of idea strike in her eye and she looked into the eyes of John and John nodded. Back home they set up the room for role play and Reena slipped into her new outfit. They actually planned rape with that outfit. John played a street boy and attacked Reena …he ripped off her dress …smooched her tightly and finally got his lust fulfilled. They both enjoyed a lot and were on zenith of pleasures.

And Why not ? The planning was apt and they didn’t hurt each other. Yes this is the first point that should always be kept in mind. Though you can be fierce while rehearsing your woman fantasy but still be gentle and see if she is not hurt and is really enjoying the act.

Communicate what you both want

Communication and lucid understanding of each other mind is the power of successful fantasies. Sometimes not everyone is comfortable with idea of role play. This happens usually when one partner is not equally adventurous. In this case you need to talk to your partner and convince him that this is how you both can make your life erotic and full with happiness.

Set the vibes for role play

For fantasy important is setting the props according to situation to give it a real feeling though its all fake. If you are doing fantasy of relationship between co-workers than don’t forget to bring in the environment of the office in your room. You can set a table like in office with proper lightening. And the activity can actually occur on table while you can do oral on your knees under the table as your partner sits on the chair to give feeling as if he is working.

Dressing touch..

Dress accordingly. Whatever you plan to fantasies you must ensure that both of you are dressed into the character. A raunchy dress for fantasy of sex in party by some stranger. And your man could wear rough jeans as a cowboy or street boy actually do. Similarly whatever may be the situation don’t forget to slip up into the costumes of the character you want

Don’t get fierce

Some woman top fantasy is sex as she is submissive or when she is tied up. Though you can do it bit wildly to give it a real feel but don’t get too immersed into character that you actually forgets what you are doing. Discuss all the extents beforehand and be in your limits without getting swayed down.

Last Word!!

Almost everyone and anyone can have sexual fantasies. It is pretty normal and good news is that you can keep your relationship sensuous by planning fantasies creatively. The erotica filled here can strengthen your love, happiness and trust.

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Good advice. Costumes make the fantasy! However, before you start be sure you have a stop code word and a stop code sign in case she is gagged and cant talk. The code word should be something like red or fire. Dont use words like "let me go" or Stop it" They just play into the rape scene. I love for my woman to struggle and fight me as hard as she can. It is a physical challenge to get her under control. Yet we are always careful nobody gets hurt. She even moves her head around to try to keep me from puttin the gag in her mouth. So hot....and so safwe
#1 - Neal - 08/06/2008 - 15:25
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