The power of g-spot
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The G-Spot- for those who have discovered, it is bliss and for those who haven’t, it is still an evasive mystery. The gap between haves and have not though doesn’t curb the phenomenon. Well, to begin with g-spot is one such phenomenon that is an enigma which if solved can take you to new heights of ecstasy. Sexologists hold lot of difference with the existence of g-spot. With the concept in debate ever since, it has been discovered by Ernst Gräfenberg in 1944 and was coined by American sexologist Dr Beverley Whipple and her colleague Dr John Perry late in 1979.

G-spot is a stimulation point that is associated with females and is considered as equivalent to penis in males. G-spot is indeed a pea shaped zone located on the anterior wall of vagina about 1.5’’-3’’ inches beyond the vaginal opening. Talking of size its no more than one pea when you are inactive but becomes up to 2 pea size when you are sexually arouse as happens with male organ. G-spot is rather a zone than just being a spot and is a nerve tissue that spreads up from top of cervix to back of pubic bone.

Female stimulation points

When it comes to female they have multi-erogenous zone and are the luckiest being to experience sensitivity on more than one zone unlike their male counterparts. They can have orgasm via clitoris, vagina and for sure G-spot. In fact some women also get temptation via breast stimulation adjacently.

Most of the time couples are concerned for orgasm for females as male can easily have orgasm but females’ stands the vulnerability of no orgasm or fake orgasm. Without doubt females need extra stimulation and concern to have orgasm. You both together have to work it out and observe how she gets her zenith of excitement.

The erotica of G-spot

G-spot stands a mystery for most of the people as orgasm is to females. But once it is discovered it can take you beyond the heights of pleasures and leaves you mesmerized for hours. But the question here is how to get it? There is no hard and fast rule as in mathematic equations but the catch is you have to have go for it. Your fervidity will determine how quickly you’ll get it. In plain terms it is located at distance 1.5-3 inches from vagina. So insertion of finger to that height may help you sought the crux.

Spotting the G-spot

Your gal may help you tremendously in spotting it. Sometimes most of the women themselves are not aware of their g-spot. But a self stimulation with girth of dedication may actually let you have pinch on the zone. Once you know what tempts you, you may direct your partner where to hit. Locating the G-spot with shaft isn’t that easy in the beginning. So guys don’t loosen your patience to satiate your torso with g-spot. First you need to do lot of homework with your fingers. Start with one of your finger. Make sure you nails are properly trimmed and clean otherwise they can transmit yeast infection in woman’s vagina. Once you detect the g-spot, continue hitting it with your finger gently for some days. Circle your fingers around, your woman will like it. On consent with your woman you can increase the number of fingers in her vagina. Make it two and later on can make it to three fingers too. Play with them like as you do with your shaft. Increase the intensity, slide them in and out with exuded force and make her tumble with erotica.

Now as your girl is really hot, you can take her g-spot on your penis. Try different positions and enthrall her with Orgasm and even multi-orgasm. Roving and hitting your shaft on her g-spot will make her scream with pleasure and the notion that you have made your woman shout with euphoria is self satisfying.

Sexual toys like vibrators and dildos can also be mixed up for g-spot zone. You can trigger her orgasm by using these toys. Your tongue is another tool to give her real delight. Simultaneous to g-spot some woman also like being stimulated on clitoris. So while you use toys for pressing her g-spot you can use your tongue on clitoris.

Lastly, nothing is impossible. A note for females- you can also spot your erotica zone aka g-spot by proper communication. Know your body and let your partner know it too…and there you are- experiencing a rhythmic buzz of sexual rapture!

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The article itself is stimulating. Locating and stimulating the g-spot should make one ecstatic.
#1 - Mani - 11/04/2010 - 02:41
Realy it was my first time to know
G spot location thank you
#2 - Abdulla - 11/29/2010 - 06:11
You must support your explanations with pictures!
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