Swirl him up on the tip of your tongue
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Your man could be blow job freak but you don’t like the idea. Think twice before opting to subtract this wonderful aspect from your intimacy. Putting his shaft in your mouth not only brings you closer but also takes you to seventh heaven of exotica. Shed off your notions of not liking it and make your man trust you more…..

Oral sex is indeed an art that can give you enhanced pleasures and embraces both of you more closely. Not everyone is borne with a perfect idea of how to do it but it has to be developed with practice. Oral sex is doing the thing orally. Kissing and fondling each other body especially private parts with your lips and mouth.

There’s possibly no man on earth who can resist the pleasure of Oral Sex or blow job. The delight and ecstasy he has when he leaves his penis at the mercy of his woman’s mouth can’t be decoded in plain words. The pleasures are uncounted and desires are infinite…So gals catch on with the best way to master the art and seduce him with your mouth.

The crux of fellatio and question of swallowing

No matter the female folks are aware of the thrills that man cherish with blow job yet they are awry with the concept. Surveys delineates that most of the woman has austerity feeling with the idea of putting the male organ in their mouth. While on other side man are touchy and feels an attack on their ego when woman refuse to use her mouth. The organ is very special to man and thus they want it to be attended specially by their woman. Doing oral is nothing bad morally. In fact if you have hygiene issue you can ask him to take shower and use the flavor you like.

Where putting few inches of shaft is enough some man insist on deep throat. The utmost care has to be taken of gag reflex. Discuss it beforehand with your partner and be prepared for gagging. So far an askew woman can cope up and compromise on taking penis in her mouth but critical concern pops up with the man desire to get his fluid swallowed by woman. The man considers him complete and special when his woman swallows his nectar. It remains a knotty point with man psyche but it goes like this only….

Being Nasty!

Just putting the torso of your man in mouth is really peppy but adding more twist to it can make the fervor of enjoyment spicier. In normal strut you can support your lips and tongue movements by holding his balls in your hands gently. You deep suck it, lick it passionately and can also nip it very gently to make it interesting. The rule of making blow job successful lies not only in giving him pleasure but making it enchantment for you too. Once you are comfortable from within you can add wonder to the session of blow job.

Food Flavor culmination in your oral curry can give you extra inch of taste with lure of satisfaction. Omitting spicy food you can put food of your choice (cream, chocolates, strawberries etc) on his shaft and start satiating your hunger from there. While your hunger gets a food your natural instincts also get their provisions. Use your tongue artistically as you go on finishing your food.

Hot n’ Cold is the idea that gives man real thrills. For hot therapy sip hot coffee or simply fill your mouth with bearable warm water and put your man in your mouth. Let the warm water remain in your mouth for few seconds and then slowly swallow it. Similarly you can do it using ice or cold water. Sensation of hot n cold is a sexy turn on that will make your man love you really more.

Surprise him with performing blow job at odd timing and unusual locations that he only could fantasies. As blow job become a routine in your life you can make it sensual by adding surprise factor. Try waking him up using your tongue over his shaft instead of alarm clock. Stairs, Car, dining table, balcony are other surprise locations which can kindle his eyes and you will never regret of being unusual or being seen. Crawl up between his legs while he is doing his work or talking on phone. In fact you can drop your dinner while both of you are dining together. Creep under the dining table and ask him not to bother you by telling him his shaft is your dinner and he can carry on with his on table. You can also blow him while he is watching match or his favorite show on TV.

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