Ritzy tips for hot kissing
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A kiss is a lovely trick designed by nature to stop speech when words become superfluous.  ~Ingrid Bergman

Kiss is indeed a most beautiful bonding between lovers. On one side it gives you intimacy on other it gives you feeling of trust. Time and again the idea of kisser and art of kisser has been debated but the trick for kiss is… not to make it artificial. Kiss is something that has to come from within and should be highly natural. Just do it because you want to do it!

However most of the people are on their nerves when they encounter their first kiss. The catch is don’t be nervous and be yourself. The most beautiful aspect about kiss is that it never becomes stale. The more you kiss the more you want. If a famous maxim say, “A man snatches the first kiss, pleads for the second, demands the third, takes the fourth, accepts the fifth - and endures all the rest”, than there’s nothing wrong about it. This is a true innate quality of a kiss of love.

Popular kisses

French kissing is the most popular and coveted form of kiss. It involves drooling each other mouth with slopping tongues.

How to do it?

Don’t jump on doing a French kiss at your first date itself. At first date you both may not be comfortable with each other and may end up making heck of kiss. To do a French kiss you must have good intimacy and should be aware if your girl likes wet kiss. Most men often ignore the girl’s apprehensiveness towards drooling and just move on with their prick of desire for wet mouth. Open your lips slightly more than you do in regular kiss and place them over your partner’s lips. With a gentle touch on lips gradually embark inside the mouth tenderly. As the pace becomes rhythmic start playing with your partner’s tongue. Circle her tongue, suck her tongue or caress her tongue…its all yours when you are doing French kiss. If your partner is at comfort level than you can also have fun of inserting your tongues deep down the throat.

Suck Kissing is like sucking nectar from the lips of your lover. It involves slow and gentle sucking of slightly parted lips

How to do it?

Instead of drooling tongues of partners like in French kiss it is a gentle suck on lips. With lips open partly you stick to lips seductively kissing on lips and simultaneously sucking them. You can even start nipping but make sure you do it for a second or two. Be very gentle and make sure that your partner is comfortable with it.

Regular Kiss is the kiss that is not bounded to special lover. But we usually kiss our near and dear one when we meet them. The kiss gives bondage and is the wonderful way to express yourself deeply without having to express superfluous words. Making a habit of regular kissing between couples strengthens the relationship. Goodnight kiss, kiss before leaving home, kiss to say thanks and there are lot many things and after all kiss don’t requires a reason. Bring kiss in your routine and you will know what it means.

How to do it?

Though it is also a symbol of love but it does not have to be extremely passionate. It can be done with tight lips, on cheeks, on forehead, chin etc. It is more of a way that you care

Some Tips before you kiss

  • You don’t have bad breath
  • Your teeth’s are regularly brushed
  • Your Lips are moist
  • Position yourself well
  • Close your eyes

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